What helps us to stay healthy?


This is something we all need to remember in our everyday lives… Stress and negativity will lower your immune system and you become vulnerable to coughs, colds, flu, infections etc. When your immune system is compromised it takes longer for infections to heal. Those with Lymphedema must be especially wary of this, as their Lymphatics are compromised too.. This can lead to cellulitis which we all know can be a major problem. What helps you deal with stress?? Some suggestions are exercise, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, swimming, fun hobbies, talking with friends,  healthy diet and last but not least sleep and rest… How do you deal with stress??? Please add your suggestions to the comments… Have a great weekend… And remember if you have no control over it do not stress about it!!!


11 thoughts on “What helps us to stay healthy?

  1. I agree with you so much….I have leg lymphedema, and I often call my leg the “barometer” of my life. The most striking occurence is if I get upset or have a disagreement with even one of my children (like normal family stuff…), I will be surprised by increased congestion in my leg (mostly my thigh), within several hours. Then I think: “what is this?”, and I remember the tension I was feeling, and realize what cortisol levels do to lymphedema. Its crazy! But I find regular exercise (with bandages on), healthy eating (a big one), and rest are now (with lymphedema) more than ever before, critical to maintaining stability of the the leg and avoiding increased swelling, pain or incidents like cellulitis

  2. Deep breathing, music, prayer, reading, and walking away from the stressor. Those are the things I turn to most. But really, I do my best to just “let things go”…it’s about perspective for me. When I find myself getting stressed about something stupid, I remember my cancer journey and think “it’s not worth it”. Most of the time it’s the stupid things that stress us out!

  3. I am trying my best to “let things go” and keep everything in perspective with my daughter. It means taking “one step back” from the situation. Swimming/treading water/doing aqua-aerobics is the only way I can completely relax physically and mentally.

    • It is so difficult as a mother to step back when your child is unwell but you need to remember to give yourself time and space and to look after yourself too… Sound like you have some nice things to do to relax…

  4. Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and quite possibly, breast cancer have resulted in a compromised immune system. Thank u so much for sharing the impact stress has. A work-in-progress, I am working toward reducing stress and living a well-balanced life — spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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