New treatment gives hope to breast cancer patients with lymphedema

imageThis brings hope for a better future for those with Lymphedema after breast cancer surgery and treatment… It takes time to produce results but hopefully in the end can be a positive help..

It’s a life-threatening side effect of breast cancer but experts say there is a new way to tackle “lymphedema.”

Lymph nodes throughout our body help collect and filter infections and abnormal cells out of the body.

However, lymph nodes are often removed during breast cancer treatments, which can lead to painful swelling in the arms.

Marcia Pearson was 49 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Pearson said, “Had a lumpectomy, that was in 1997. In 2001, I started to get in my left arm a little bit of pain.”

It quickly progressed throughout her upper body.

She said, “I got up one morning and my arm was just all swelled up. I had a great big bag under the arm.”

She was diagnosed with an infection and it turned out to be related to an earlier breast cancer surgery.

Pearson said, “I didn’t even know about lymphedema.”

Dr. Rebecca…

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3 thoughts on “New treatment gives hope to breast cancer patients with lymphedema

  1. Thanks for reblogging this ~ I had all of my lymph nodes removed on one side after bilateral mastectomy. The other side, I only had a handful removed. I have friends who have had lymphedema and it’s awful for them. I hope insurance begins to pay for this. Thanks Helen ♥

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