Never let Lymphedema Define you..

Today I have a special message to say that we are all more than our Lymphedema. There are days when it seems to take over and become overwhelming but we must remember to never let it define us. There is so much more to us than Lymphedema, we need to be strong, we need to build awareness so others understand, we need to educate, we need to share and support each other. We are not alone…

I love elephants hence this picture

This is my quote for today…

Have a good week…

12 thoughts on “Never let Lymphedema Define you..

  1. My daughter and I need to be particularly strong this week. My daughter has swimming for PE at school on Tuesday morning. That means getting a compression stocking on twice in one day! It will also be the first time she wears a swimsuit in front of the other girls in her group. I think they have only seen her in long trousers … I am hoping to talk to her Lymphoedema Clinic Therapist about it on Monday. I don’t know if the school has been informed of her diagnosis yet.

    • Sending you strength… Being in the water is so good once you are in and it helps the LE… We do not realise how difficulty LE makes in everyday life till it confronts us… Stay strong…

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