If you believe in it…. Fight for it…


If you believe in it and it makes you happy never stop fighting for it

Last week I was invited to tell my story as part of a fund-raiser for Lymphoedema research at Macquarie University Hospital. I am very excited about this as it has always been my aim to build awareness, education and understanding of Lymphoedema. Yesterday I was interviewed by a writer who will put my story, of the last 12 years, together. This will be added to an article from Prof. Boyages, who is overseeing the research program. It will then be sent out to all the alumni and connections of Macquarie University in the hope of raising much-needed funds for equipment required for this research program..  I will never give up the fight to have Lymphoedema recognised and understood, both primary and secondary LE.

17 thoughts on “If you believe in it…. Fight for it…

  1. I’m following your journey closely as I too want to have this surgery. I’d be going thru Macquarie Uni too, and my specialist is Dr Mackie. Thanks for blogging about it and raising awareness of this hideous condition, but thank you more for being a pioneer of this surgery here in Australia. I get frustrated with having to spend so much time devoted to one leg! Would love to wear real shoes again, so here’s hoping that this surgery will give me the opportunity to wear some really nice shoes. 🙂

      • HI Helen,

        I have had the liposuction and now want the lymph node transfer. Anything to make my life normal again. I also worry that as I get older, I won’t be able to drag these stockings onto my leg.

        I am a secondary lymph girl. Cancer 2005, chemo and radio and then wowsa – lymphedema. You really think you have climbed all of those horrendous mountains once you have completed the cancer treatment, but wait, there was more!!!! Just a tiny thing called lymphedema – a constant reminder of what has happened previously.

        I had the lipo two and a half years ago. Was so worth it. My elephant leg is now looking normal. Did you know that other states (QLD and VIC) provide stockings free? It may only be one or two pairs a year, but they are free. Not fair for those of us in NSW who have to fork out a ridiculous amount of money for this. I live on the Central Coast btw.

        Dr Mackie knows that I want this surgery and I am due to meet with her to discuss. She said that there had been only a couple of legs done so far over here at Macquarie, so you must’ve been a pioneer of that for us leg lymph people. Lots of success with arms, but that is a smaller limb. I am very interested in your story and do have loads of questions, so will email you. I want to do this sooner rather than later, but to be honest, your experience has given me much food for thought. Another lady whose story I think you posted, has had great results from day 1, which surprises me. Her foot and leg look amazing.

        BTW, they lipo’d my foot too, at my request, but Dr Broson (sp?) told them that it wouldn’t work. He is half right, but it looks much better to me – just wish the lipo around the ankle had been possible..

        • At this stage I think I am the only leg!!! There was another lady booked in but at this stage she cancelled as preferred to see how things go!!! We will email for more details and questions!!

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