Welcome to my life

One women’s story of learning to live with Lymphedema of the arm… Thank you for sharing so that others may understand..



Lymphedema.  Wasn’t cancer enough?  I thought I was home free, but now what’s this arm that aches and swells and just won’t get well?  And so it begins, this wierd saga of life with a chronic condition that ebbs and flows, changes and is never static.  New rules for living and constant balancing between doing what you want to do and keeping your limb as stable as possible.  Making new fashion statements with compression garments.  Making new friends with lymphedema therapists who are on the front line trying to keep you from swelling up and further damaging your lymph system.  Finding out how to “Walk Like an Egyptian” while swathed in short-stretch bandages, foam and artiflex.  How tight can you wrap?  You find out when your hand swells up like a latex glove balloon.  (A little too tight there.)

If you are traveling this road, I am your sister.  I…

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my life

  1. I had thought that things were over for me. It was 2000 and BrCa then was virtually in the dark ages. It was a mixed bag, My friends didn’t know what to say, I tried to go back to work during chemo. People stared or asked stupid questions. I never envisioned having complications like lymphedema in the chest wall after eight years. There is nothing they can do. I have this constant sensation of something crawling on me and itching. The PT said I had to learn to block it out. I looked at her and said you have know idea what you are talking about. It is like having a headache and they say block out the pain. Idiopathic symptoms pop up here and there. The swelling is so bad now, it looks like I have grown my breasts back, but it is just creepy and anxiety took over until I learned to listen to music that brings me back to the best years of my life, I write may through it. I meditate and transcend the experience. It’s still there, so I took matters into my own hands. It is support like your blog that puts a face and life to the experience and we all get through it. Love, Patience and keep on keeping on. Stay cool, take care, JBC

    • My hope has always been that through this blog I give a voice to Lymphedema so people may understand what we all go through.. There needs to be research and education as many have no idea of the pain and suffering that those with LE endure… It is enough to have cancer we do not need this side effect in out lives after… I love all your music and the pictures and I am glad it brings you peace … Helen xx

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