Want to feel like you don’t have lymphedema?

Thank you for showing how great and important swimming can be when you have Lymphoedema… I am not a good swimmer but I walk up and down or join a water aerobics class… Reblogging … Thanks

Lymphedema Diary by Britta Vander Linden

From the time my alarm clock goes off in the morning to the moment I shut my eyes at night, I am constantly reminded that I have lymphedema in my legs. When my bare feet touch the plush rug on my bedroom floor and I sleepily stagger to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I savor every step.  I think to myself, “God, this feels good.”  Spreading my toes a little wider as I stride back across the hard wood floor in the hallway, I try to push out of my mind the thought that within minutes I will once again be encased from my toes up to my waist in compression stockings.  My iron legs, as I call them.

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7 thoughts on “Want to feel like you don’t have lymphedema?

  1. Tis is totally true… Swimming is the only time I can forget all this. And I consider myself fortunate that I live in a country where we have lots of swimming pools nearby that are not expensive. I hope I can keep it under control because if it gets really bad, I think I will not dare to stand the looks… Swimming has been the only thing so far that helped me a lot both mentally and fysically.
    I have stopped wearing the bandages over night, because I also want to feel ‘free’ at night. Otherwise my sense of freedom was reduced to the 10 minutes in the shower and the 40 minutes in the swimming pool… Less then one hour. I don’t care if because of that it gets a bit worse, but I want my skin to breathe because it got really thin from all the bandages…Like have a wound with a tape on for too long…

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I elevate the end of my bed with a couple of big books the bed does not feel like it is tilted but I am sure it helps as I never wear compression at night…. Let’s everything circulate … 😃

    • interesting. I have always been told by therapists that compression at night is what reduces the swelling in leg! The stocking during the day only contains the swelling.

      • I think it depends on each individual person and how there leg responds in different situations. My leg goes down at night without having it bandaged but I know many that this does not happen to.. There seems to be mixed views on swimming with or without compression.. If the water gives enough compression and the leg is ok after I guess it is nice for people to have that freedom.. All other exercise I would certainly wear compression..I guess for all of us the important thing is understanding what works for us and sometimes that includes a bit or trial and error at the start…

  3. Just rereading this blog Helen. I swim for an hour three times a week and just as you suggested, it’s the only time that I don’t wear a compression stocking during exercise. I did learn that the water forms it’s own compression if you are vertical as in walking in water. Swimming apparently, not so much. However, I don’t notice any change after a swim. For nights, I bought a velcroed apparatice that I wear. Sometimes though when I am too tired to wrap the toes and strap in, I don’t wear anything and my leg seems to reduce the same amount. I am just cautious about totally giving it up as I don’t want it to swell.

    • I find walking in the water is the best exercise for Leg LE… I really do believe it helps to maintain the leg and stimulate the lymphatics at the same time… The deeper the water the better so that fluid can be pushed up the body to where there are good nodes.. Also it is great to be without any garments and to feel free!!! Helen

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