I got this from my doctor today which shows progress in the right direction since my tests last week. Much needed encouragement to keep going even though slow to see results…

1. MRI- showed reduction in your left leg size at the knee level up (left knee now 14% larger than right compared to 29% before) but about the same size in lower calf.
2. lymphoscintigram showed more rapid lymphatic fluid clearance in left leg but still abnormal (your left groin lymph node now lights up at 30 minutes after injection, compared to 50 minutes before the operation).


26 thoughts on “Results…

  1. I have found that staying positive and faithful to your plan will manifest the results you want, not necessarily in the manner you want so thumbs up on the results today, yesterday is past, today it’s a present, tommorrow will have worries of its own. Try not to over think stuff you can’t control. Peace and Joy! Peace Out! JBC

    • I am so happy for you–it means the operation was successful and you now have hope—I have had LE in my left leg for 1 1/2 yrs now and am desperate to find a testimonial from someone who has had the lymphaticovenous anastomosis procedure done. How long till the measurements of the affected extremity went down?

      • I had a Lymph node Transplant from neck to knee… Tests at 6 months show that the leg is clearing quicker that pre surgery and there was a small reduction so far though I have to have more tests for this in a few weeks.. Results are slow and can take up lot two years as the transferred nodes need to grow lymphatic vessels.. I feel that the leg so far responds much better to treatment .. I wear a compression stocking 30-40 … Only during the day and no compression at night… If you decide on surgery the drs usually decided what is best for you … LVA or LNT or a mix of both.. Good luck Helen

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        • Helen, thank you for the response—-I live in CT and I may look to see if Yale hospital has anything to offer for LE patients–I know Chicago is where Dr.Chang is but Yale is around the corner from me–at least I can have the lymphoscintigram at Yale which will be covered 100% by my health ins. and then take the results of the lymphoscintigram to Chicago for the LNT or LVA–If Yale did a similar procedure like the LNT or LVA I could have it done at Yale–this way it wouldn’t cost me anything out of pocket–I keep reading everyone’s messages to try and figure out what to do..Thank you again for the response

      • I am going for an eval on Sept 18,2014 of my left leg- with Dr. Chang at University of Chicago Medical Center—I am really excited to finally be doing something besides conservative treatments, which for me, are not very encouraging–I want something more permanent like the surgery–I can’t wait –Liz

  2. Hi Helen, Very encouraging news!! Really….The fact that you have reduced by 50 % from the knee up means that you are clearing lymph, slowly, but it’s happening. The calf seems to be the toughest area to resolve because I think of gravity. My leg has done about the same. Though, I see changes to the top of my foot,Β I don’t have humpback look anymore, and I do see some outline of the knee joint. The calf area bulges still. So, I take this as excellent news in the right direction. I believe so strongly in physical exercise to keep things moving, within reason of course, and to strengthen the muscles so they will pump more efficiently. Take good care, Jen P.S. Had a very long chat with Kimber. She is one brave woman! We both agreed that she will be in fine hands with the New York doctors.

    • Thanks.. Yes it was encouraging news at this stage and much needed to see a glimmer of change… I am so glad you are starting to see changes in that lower leg… Gravity does not help …and for me now the heat is starting!!! Yes Kimber a wonderful women and so glad you have connected… I am sure talking to you was a great help.. Thanks Helen xx

  3. Dear Helen,
    It was great to read your good news of some improvement – I felt quite tearful and relieved for you after all that effort and emotional angst which Lymphies understand completely. I believe that your body is trying to help you and will register the much needed boost of the new lymph nodes so congratulations to you it is truly deserved.
    God bless
    Yours Ginty

    • Thank you… I have to say emotionally I needed that little boost in the write direction.. The exciting part was the lower leg clearing quicker which is a good sign… I am so grateful to have other LNT Lymphies walking along side me with this as we do truly all understand each other.. Helen xx

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