Don’t worry ….Be Happy!!!


I was able to collect my results on Friday but sadly they were in “doctor speak” and I need my doctor to translate them, as to me it is like comparing the good old apples and oranges again, as there is no constant. The constant needs to be my good leg but all those measurements changed too and the Lymphasytagraph this time finished after two hours instead of the four hours of last time!! When I speak to my doctor maybe he will be able to shed more light in the reports provided. I had an MRI which measures levels of fluid in both legs and compares them. The Lymphasytagraph involves an injection between the toes of radioactive fluid which can then be traced as it passes up the legs all the way to the liver. This maps the lymphatics in both legs and shows the time it takes for the  tracer to reach the liver and if there is any pooling or back flow along the way.

The fluid levels in my bad leg may have reduced and maybe the tracers moved faster up my lower leg, but at two hours it shows the fluid collecting in the thigh more than previously. However cutting the Lymphasytagraph by two hours does not then show if it clears. Pre surgery the fluid collected in my calf and was still there after four hours. My feeling is that at this stage there has been no miracle cure!!! I do feel my lower leg responds better and clears overnight, but as this is a two-year project we will give it time and see what the next six months will bring. I am not going to worry about this, as I cannot change the outcome. Either things will get better or they will stay as they are now, nothing else I can do but look after my leg. I will continue with my therapy and try to remain positive…yes there will be some dark moments when I wonder if I should have gone ahead with this surgery, but I can only move forward not back.

In the mean time this is a very exciting month as my daughter gets married on 28th September. There are lots of visitors, including my son who will arrive from Denmark with his girlfriend. I have much to look forward to, so this month will be wedding month… Here comes the bride and groom……very exciting.


9 thoughts on “Don’t worry ….Be Happy!!!

  1. I love that you have something special to look forward to in September! Keep up your amazing attitude ~ and when/if the down times come, reach out! We are all here to support you. Just know that you are being sent healing thoughts all the time! ♥ Enjoy your special Mother of the Bride status!

    • Yes it was confusing as felt it needed to go for the same time… Also report refers to the thigh and the leg not the calf … Pictures at 2 hours show pooling in the thigh and the report says …consistent with a blockage!! hey yes no lymph nodes in groin… We know that.. Does not focus on knee so my worry is the dr who wrote the report was not really looking at why the Lymphasytagraph was done …. and then stopped it at 2 hours… I need my dr to look at the images and translate them himself… I will have more tests at 1 year so will ensure then the 4 hours.. At this stage I am quite over it all!!!!!😃😃😃😃

  2. Congrats at the upcoming wedding and the visit with your son! Always helps to have something to look forward to!! I think you’re attitude is great… There are some things that we cannot change and need to learn to accept. It isn’t always easy, and there are bad days, of course, but I think you’ve got a great perspective. I think it’s great that you took the chance in doing the surgery. I know if it was me, and I didn’t, I would have always wondered if I should have. Have a great day!

    • Yes very true I would have always wondered and that is what I always come back to.. So no regrets… But sometimes in the middles of the night I wake up quite anxious and panicky… But I read or do a puzzle to distract myself and it passes and in the morning I feel ok again.. Life can really throw some curved balls at you when you don’t expect them.. Have a good week😃😃Helen

  3. Hang in there Helen, hopefully your doctor will give the real answers, looking at the report is a bit like looking up something on Dr Google – you only get part of the answer and spend lots of time worrying. So good that you have family and the wedding to focus on instead. x

    • Yes I have put all the reports and images away and will wait till I see doctor… All these tests are really for the research side of all this.. I just need to focus on how leg looks and feels and not get caught up in the emotional roller coaster of tests..!!! See you Wednesday xxxx

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