No results yet!!!


The sign says it all… No results yet!! I arrived at the hospital at 7am and by 12.00 all tests were completed. I was told to come back at 3pm for the reports and images, so I spent three hours killing time in the local shopping centre. However at 3pm no results, no images and no doctor to do them as one had called in sick, and the other was too busy! I hate waiting for results, I get very anxious, it reminds me of all the scans and check-ups for cancer, where you go through all the different scenarios while you wait for days, hoping all is clear. Although these results are not life threatening, I would just like to know if there is progress since the nodes were transferred. Are they growing? What are they doing? Are they helping? Have the Lymphatics improved… It has been such an emotional roller coaster it would be great to have some positive feed back.

On a positive note the MRI was much better than my first experience which I wrote about on that occasion they forgot to give me ear plugs and the headphones were very old!! This time I took my own ear plugs and they had new headphones  that played music!! At least I knew what to expect.. It is like some one has a party with saucepans, guns, cars etc all next to your head!!

So my day is over and on Friday I will return to the hospital to hopefully collect the results and images. I am not due to see my surgeon till the end of October, hence my need to get the results myself. Thank you to everyone for their good wishes and messages… It really helps….thanks

23 thoughts on “No results yet!!!

  1. deep breaths, some relaxation and Friday will come around sooner than you realise – come what may – we are all here with you on the journey x

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  3. Don’t ya just hate when that happens. Besides the hurry up and wait, there is the idiopathic symptoms that baffle them and my oncologist chirps, it’s not cancer! So I chirp back, what is then? All I get is that deer caught in headlight expression that does not give me any relief. So I feel your pain. We are still praying and rooting for ya. They asked me to say hey from Seattle…We love you and get well soon. XOXOXOXO

  4. These things really are sent to try us. I wonder if our medical experts realise the extra stress, concern and anxiety that’s caused by unnecessary delays and hold ups? Perhaps if they did our processes would be slicker and less confusing. I live in hope that one day results will be as much of a priority as the procedures themselves. Thinking of you xoxox

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