Lipedema Patient Raises Awareness

Thank you Catherine for helping to build awareness of Lymphatic disorders… And to LRF for all your work..

Lymphatic Education & Research Network

Lymphatic Research Foundation Executive Director Bill Repicci met with Catherine Seo, a professor and documentary film-maker, last week to be interviewed on the progress being made in lymphatic research and in building awareness for lymphatic diseases.

Catherine was diagnosed with lipedema, a chronic, hereditary, and genetic disorder of the adipose tissue generally affecting the legs and, in some cases, the upper arms. As lipedema progresses, patients become increasingly heavy in the lower body. The additional, expanding fat cells interfere with the pathways of lymphatic vessels, and patients can develop secondary lymphedema, a condition known as lipo-lymphedema.

While lipedema predominantly affects women, there are a few cases in men. Believed to be caused or exacerbated by hormonal disturbance, lipedema usually is triggered at puberty, but can begin or worsen during or after pregnancy, at peri-menopause, or following gynecological surgery or any surgery with anesthesia. Estimates of the incidence of lipedema vary…

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2 thoughts on “Lipedema Patient Raises Awareness

  1. Wow! I wonder if we are on the same planet….I have contacted the doc’s at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson Research and showed them your blog…Let put it this way, they are a buzz with your posts. Well done, JBC

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