Meeting Helen – My Lymph Node Transplant

Yesterday was my first visit to Lisa for Vodder therapy and the use of her laser on the scar tissue in my knee… How lovely to meet someone face to face that you have previously met via blogging!! The treatment went well and I will return next week for another session prior to tests the following week.. At the end I said “Who is going to write the blog”. Lisa got the short straw as I feel a bit flat writing about myself at this stage!! Anyway I get to reblog and share with all of you and say a big thank you to Lisa for seeing me and becoming part of my journey with this Lymph Node Transplant/transfer…. Thanks

Lisa Higgins - massage across the table

I’ve been following Helen’s blog ( since before she had her amazing surgery back in March.  Before then, I had no idea that it was even possible to transplant lymph nodes and so I was very interested (and to be honest, excited) to see how she went.  Helen has been very open with sharing the ups and downs of her surgery and has continued to bring information on lymphoedema, manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, self massage, bandaging, compression – all the important things when dealing with lymphoedema.  I’m sure her blog has brought answers to many out in the real world who are looking at options to manage their lymphoedema, as there’s not much available written from a patient’s perspective, the info that is out there is all in doctor speak.

I received an email from Helen after my first week of Vodder training – she had calculated when I’d be…

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11 thoughts on “Meeting Helen – My Lymph Node Transplant

  1. Dear Helen,
    So glad to hear that you are doing everything you possibly can to stay on top of your great results from the lymph node transfer. You go, girl!
    I just want to share that I have been so very fortunate to find a trained MLD therapist in my area. I have been going to him on a weekly basis for almost 2 months, now, and I can see and feel the results. My massage is for an hour and I also have Rock tape applied to the front and back of my entire leg, along with the top of the foot. This has been fantastic! I’m making it through the humid New Jersey summer much easier this year. Combination therapy gets my vote. I also have very consciously made it a point to do 3 sets of 50 calf raises 3x a day. You can do these anywhere you are. This exercise is key get the lymphatics pumping on their way up, up, up!
    Stay positive, and keep the good vibes coming!

    Lisa D

    • Thanks Lisa D for your support.. I am totally with you re exercises and keeping the lymphatics moving.. I do ankle rotations. Are calf raises lifting the leg up or something else??? . Yes I have seen that tape used… My exercise tights are compression but they also have strips in that replicate the tape.. Seems to help round my knee even though they are made as sports tights.. They also help me to feel “normal” when I go for a walk!!! I think finding a really good therapist is the key to this but there are not that many of them around that are really good… I can go to Mt Wilga a rehab hospital for intensive therapy when needed but as you say a weekly session is what one needs… Glad to hear you have got through the summer that will be looming up for me soon!! Helen xx

      • Helen,
        For calf raises you can stand on the edge of a stair or even on a flat surface, and you raise up your heels slowly, hold for a few seconds and then lower to the floor so you are standing flat, again. This really stretches the calf muscles, which helps to pump the lymphatics in the lower leg. It’s wonderful to feel that muscle movement!
        I know what you mean about starting to feel normal, too. Mobility and freedom of movement absolutely make it all worth the effort.

        Be well,
        Lisa D

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