I’m so progressive (medically, that is)

I would like to introduce you to this blog by Britta who has Primary Lymphedema… By sharing we help to build awareness of this condition… Please give her your support.. Thanks

Lymphedema Diary by Britta Vander Linden

When the medical professionals say that lymphedema is a progressive disease, they aren’t kidding.  In the 15 years that I’ve had the condition, the development of my lymphedema can be tracked by the compression garments I have worn to manage it.

Compression garments are stockings or sleeves or some other type of clothing that provide gradual compression that pushes the lymphatic fluid towards the heart (meaning the garment is tightest at the bottom of the limb, i.e. the ankle or wrist,and loosest at the top of the limb).

Some lymphedema patients can’t fit into compression stockings due to the severity of their swelling.  I don’t know how they can function or bear the pain.  For myself, I cannot remain in a standing position for more than a few minutes without my stockings on before I start feeling discomfort.  Within a matter of hours swelling would follow and my legs would be…

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2 thoughts on “I’m so progressive (medically, that is)

  1. This part is so true:
    ‘The worst part about lymphedema has always been the unknown. Is it going to get worse? How much worse? When? Will it ever spread to my arms or to other parts of my body? Will it get worse if I were to become pregnant? If I have children, will I pass it on to them?’
    If I do not pay attention, I am all day checking out how my leg is doing, whether my arms are still similar,… checking for bites and scratches … Then I worry the whole day about these questions above. For the same time it will never get much worse (I could manage for almost 10 years) and then I will pass my life worrying for nothing… This would be a waste of time and I try to remember this… But a lot of times anxiety takes over. I think until a cure is finally there, this will be hard to control… Thanks for this post!

    • Yes I thought this would resonate with many… I worry often about what will happen as I get older.. Will I get my stockings on?… . How will I be able to look after my Lymphedema? Will it get worse and worse? Will my tummy swell more? I try to live in the moment and in the day but often it creeps up and I feel anxious.. Helen

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