A Quiet few days

I have just returned from spending the last four days in the Blue Mountains, two hours from Sydney. No TV, radio, telephone or Internet access!! Peace and quiet, clear blue skies and crisp fresh air. The first part was spent visiting a friend who makes natural perfumes, Aromatique Essentials… They are created for each individual… Beautiful.

We also spent time visiting her five miniature horses down in the valley, they are from 29 inches high to 34 inches, just so cute and fluffy with their winter coats and collecting water from a natural spring.


Julie with her babies..


Could there be a better day..


Too cute..

Over the weekend I attended a workshop about “Counselling Aboriginals with Cancer.” We learnt about respecting and understanding their cultural values. Sadly we learnt that many Aboriginals do not seek help with cancer until it is in the advanced stages. They have a fear of doctors and hospitals so leave things until they are quite ill. This is more those living in rural areas, as like everything there are many diverse views and changes within the Aboriginal communities. There are now special programs in place in the hope of encouraging them to seek help sooner.

This is an Australian Aboriginal Proverb

We are all visitors to this time and place,
We are just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe,
To learn, to grow, to love
And then return home.

Aboriginal Face Mask

Aboriginal Face Mask (Photo credit: Michael Loke)

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