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I have been thinking for the last few days why it is that one starts a blog. With today’s technology we can share our deepest secrets with the whole world. Expose ourselves to scrutiny and comment in a way that one never would in real life. I can’t imagine walking down the street and flashing my legs at everyone, yet in my blog I post photos for everyone to see!! Others share even more intimate pictures in the name of education. So why do we do it? What does it achieve for ourselves and others?

Some people write about all aspects of their lives, nothing is sacred, this I find hard to understand!! Why do people need to tell the world about their entire life!! Is it seeking that elusive 15 minutes of fame, is it to make money or is it just because you can!!

Others create a blog to build a business or promote their wares. In fact today every business has to have exposure of some sort on the Internet, or be lost in the wilderness of non-existence! These days you can have a little shop on the corner but sell your product to the world…

So this came back to me and why I started a blog. Prior to my surgery I would have liked more information from people who had a Lymph node transfer to the leg, but was unable to find anyone to talk to. This started me thinking that if I did not write about my experience my story would be lost. Maybe if I shared my journey it would help and educate others who may consider following the same path. I also felt that Lymphoedema has such a low profile, others needed to understand what it was like to live with everyday. A blog also allowed me to gather resources to share, all in one place. The bonus that I had not considered was “meeting” other “Lymphies”. This for me has been the best reason for starting a blog, the world has shrunk, I can now share with those who really understand how I feel. There have been times when writing my blog has helped me mentally, allowed me to push out through the darkness, filled my time when I could not do much else. A friend once told me there were other blogs about LNT but they seemed to stop after the surgery, so I am determined to keep going, while we wait for nodes to grow!!

Why blog? I say why not blog, share, educate and “meet” others. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers, I have enjoyed all your stories, I feel I have made some cyber friends and we have made the world a smaller place. We have shared our knowledge and educated others to help those who follow in our footsteps.

So I ask my fellow bloggers… Why do you blog???

19 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I started my blog for two reasons. I needed a way to communicate with lots of friends and families about my health situation without repeating myself in countless ways. I started with emails, but kept adding to the list of people to update until it got tough to recall everyone. The blog gave me a way to answer people when they asked how I was doing. Additionally, I had been terminated for having cancer and was wanting to talk about what that was like without taking a more dramatic step like talking to media. I have continued blogging because it has become my “support group” and my way of learning and passing on what I have learned in the course of responding to a cancer diagnosis. Recently I have decided to blog about memoir and fictional topics as well. My blog network is no longer focused solely on health issues, although about 90% of what I read has some relationship to cancer or general health topics. I have developed a strong affinity for issues troubling people responding to metastatic breast cancer even though my diagnosis was uterine cancer. I would now say I feel like I’m becoming an activist on the issues. I find myself talking so much about the topic some people assume I had breast cancer. I did not find as many bloggers with uterine/endometrial cancer in my research and some sites on that topic focused on issues different from those that preoccupied me. the breast cancer community shares many of my concerns about research funding, the effects of treatment induced or accelerated menopause, the effects of the chemo drugs I took, and cancer recurrence risks related to estrogen levels. I’m glad you have chosen to blog. I appreciate your blog’s educational content and, even more than that, your kindness toward others. I see your likes and comments all over the blogs of others. You are a great source of information not found elsewhere and also a source of support. Thanks for blogging!

    • Thank you for your great comment as this interests me.. Like you I gravitated to the breast cancer blogs as there was certainly no Lymphoedema community!! Even though my Uterine Cancer was 11 years ago that was difficult to find connections though I found you and a few others.. But for me as it was so long ago and not such an issue..though there is certainly anger that I now have Lymphoedema and wether all the nodes had to go… Keeping in touch with family and friends through surgery time and ongoing updates is much easier with a blog.. As you say this is now my support group and what a lot I have learnt.. As many say the image of Pink disguises so much about breast cancer … I had no idea.. Thank you for being part of my cyber world keep up the wonderful stories you tell and keep up the support of others..Helen

      • I have complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. My complaint is still pending. Yes, a law school terminated me for having cancer and put it in writing. I am a lawyer. It is sad to think they imagined I was an idiot and hired me to teach law to others.

    • Your topics are so helpful as we try to find a balance in are lives .. This helps us to look at our health in a more holistic way.. And I love your recipes… Thanks Helen

  2. I started blogging on the night of my diagnosis with Stage 3 Breast Cancer – because I was absolutely terrified and I wanted an outlet to inform family and friends of my “situation”. Plus, I always kept a diary as a young person. I never dreamed it would become practically a full-time ministry to help other women on the breast cancer journey (and Lymphedema journey) and everything related! What started as a diary, became my passion to help others. I now thank God I began to Blog. http://www.denise4health.info

    • I think you have the answer here… Blogging is a way to help ourselves and a way to help others as they follow our path. When I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer 11 years ago I turned to the Internet for help… How much better it would have been if I had found a personal blog where someone could give me real help and information on a human level not just medical.. Again with my Lymph node Transfer I could find very little on the Internet other than medical articles… So this time instead of a diary I stated a blog… The best thing I ever did… I do not know if my surgery will be a success but what is learnt from me may help others in the future… As another lady said .. This is now my support group… My cyber friends traveling the cancer journey and its aftermath… Thanks Denise for being part of this world… Helen

  3. As others have mentioned, I started blogging as a way to keep family and friends informed, and as a little bit of therapy for myself. It has evolved into so much more than that, as I find it is a great way to help educate on cancer prevention and other health-related issues. And, again, as mentioned, the sense of community is amazing. The world is a smaller place on the Internet and I have made friends in far-flung places (like Australia!). The fact that I worry and care about people I have never met is just amazing.

  4. I started blogging to keep everyone up to date about my diagnosis and treatment, then as a way of getting things out of my head (so I could move on from them) and more latterly as a way to keep myself engaged, sane and doing something that might be useful/interesting when chemo meant I couldn’t do many of the things I loved. I have found writing and reading other peoples blogs amazingly cathartic, its just a shame it took cancer to bring me to this realisation!

    • Yes for me too a health crisis has opened up a whole new world for me .. Reading others blogs has been an eye opener and sharing mine has helped me and brought me together with some amazing people … Thanks Tracy

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