Some easy health ideas


Here are three ways to improve your health and boost your immune system. A healthy immune system helps the lymphatics, as not so much “garbage” has to be eliminated. Juicing vegetables and fruit adds nutrients to your diet which are easily absorbed. However don’t let this replace eating plenty of fruit and vegetables too, as we need the roughage from whole foods. My favourite juice at the moment is…


Smoothy of orange juice, apple, carrot, beet a...

Smoothy of orange juice, apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger.. Wikipedia

It is fun to try out different mixtures and the beetroot adds sweetness to the green juices which can be bitter.

I also like to start the day with a warm lemon juice. Squeeze a whole lemon into a glass and add a little cold water before filling the glass with hot water. Adding cold water first helps to retain the vitamin c, also by keeping it warm rather than to hot. Drinking this first thing in the morning with some deep breathing wakes the lymphatics up!!

Last but not least drink plenty of water. When you have Lymphoedema you retain fluid in the body which in turn retains toxins. Water helps the kidneys to flush out these toxins. When you do your MLD water will help to “cleanse” the lymphatics as fluid leaves the body as urine. It is also important when having treatment, bandaging and MLD to drink plenty of water after, as you can get a headache from the detoxing effect of treatment, water may help this.

These three ideas can help you to feel healthier, I try to do them but sometimes I forget or run out of time!! I know in the winter I do not drink as much water as I should but in the summer with the heat it is much easier. Tell me your favourite juice mixtures so we can share ideas…

English: Orange juice. Italiano: Succo d'aranc...

English: Orange juice. Italiano: Succo d’arancia. PortuguΓͺs: Suco de laranja. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11 thoughts on “Some easy health ideas

  1. Helen, what a great reminder to all of us — I get so busy at work that I often don’t take time to drink enough water for fear that I won’t have time to hit the “loo”! Bridget

  2. love all these tips πŸ™‚ I’ve been doing the lemon juice and warm water for ages now and I don’t think I could live without it…makes such a difference to how I feel. I love juicing too, thanks for sharing that great combo! And the reminder to drink lots of water!!! Dee xxx

      • i am trying some new stuff too… i always have to change a bit the recepies that i find cus i do not like the idea off drinking vegetables (maybe still a trauma from when my mom made me try cold tomato juice jaikes!!!)
        * a bunch of sellery, a bunch of flat parsley, beetroot, one peer …and i add one lemon so it tastes like red fruit juice.
        * 1 cucumber,2apples , 1bunch of sellery…i add one lemon and fresh mint …it tastes like a summer coctail and the color is just beautiful!

        i have many more to try…i have found a site in my language with juices for everything…even to get bigger boobs…might try that too πŸ˜‰

        • Oh my goodness I need the big boob one!!! I like just vegetable juices as I eat a lot of fruit and the beetroot adds sweetness .. I tried a lime in one once but did not like it…πŸ‡πŸ’πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ

  3. My daughter was drinking Aquajuice which is half fruit juice and half water, but now it is autumn is drinking peppermint tea, Do you or does anybody else know of any particular herbal teas which would help the lymphatics?

    • I was told lemongrass tea but not sure if it makes a difference.. They say to drink lots of water as that helps the lymphatics to clear better… Some say that this helps there LE… How old is tour daughter? I found the thing that helps the most is walking in a pool as the water acts as a natural compression… It also feels very nice to be in the water… Even doing a water aerobics class is good.. Also I have always had a low salt low fat diet and my legs have never got very big so this may help too… Everyone is different sometimes you just have to try things..

      • My daughter is twelve years old, but is mistaken for fourteen to sixteen years of age. I have found aqua-aerobics best for me and try and persuade my daughter to come swimming with me, but she does not always feel like it. Our local swimming pool has been closed for refurbishment since July making the car journey there longer which hasn’t helped. She has a week off school next week, so I hope we will manage to get to the pool then. I also have a place at the LSN patient conference taking place this Saturday. Her leg had stopped aching when she first started wearing her knee-high compression stocking, but is aching again and seems to be more swollen. Her foot is less swollen than it was. Her Lymphoedema Nurse Consultant is excellent, as is the LSN. I had to work hard to get a diagnosis and I will continue to work hard for her care. She is worth it!

        • I am so glad you have good therapists for her it is so important. Your care and love will get her through. I guess the main thing is to encourage a healthy life style in general as that helps the lymphatics to work as best they can. Stay in touch it helps to share.

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