Just Whining

This is Estherlou’s story of living with lymphedema. Thank you for sharing this intimate story of how this affects you.

Estherlou's Blog

Nighttime  is not my favorite time. Sometimes I actually dread it. Most of us look forward to lying down in bed and getting our rest and our sleep which keeps us healthy and readies us for the next day. Me, I have some issues which keep me from enjoying bedtime. I have lymphedema. That means that my lymphatic system doesn’t work as well as it should anymore and doesn’t remove the fluids from my lower extremities like it needs to. Untreated, that means my legs can swell, sometimes to twice a normal size, fluid can build up within the tissues and I can develop cellulitis which is an infection of the skin from the “leftover” and stagnant fluid left in and under the tissues. Sounds nasty, right? Well, now I wear compression hose to help keep all that in check. I haven’t had a case of cellulitis since I was diagnosed…

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