Latest pictures… Helen


Four months after surgery.. Photo Helensamia


Four months after surgery.. Photo Helensamia

Although these pictures make my leg look great there is actually a lot of hard work behind this and no way that the Lymphoedema has gone!! It is now four months since I had my Lymph node transfer/transplant ( nodes taken from neck and placed at side of knee) and each week I have a Deep Lymphatic Massage (DLD) plus I do Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) myself. I  use Ready Wraps when at home and compression stockings going out. I find the Ready Wraps  from Solaris work well,  are much easier than bandaging and I can choose when to use them, as so easy to take on and off. These pictures were taken after my DLD session, I had been wearing Ready wraps prior to this and replaced them again after, just like a Complex Bandaging session. I try to walk every day for at least an hour and my fitness is improving every day. I do find the knee swells after the walk or when doing any exercise due to scar tissue causing problems to the knee cap. However I hope this improves with time…I am not using any compression at night-time but have the end of the bed elevated using two large books under each leg!! When I wake in the morning my leg looks its best but does swell in the knee and lower thigh during the day. The real test will come as the weather gets warmer here in Australia, also trying out periods of time not using compression!! That would be a treat but I don’t hold my breath for this working to well yet!!

Thanks Shan from Shan Therapy for taking the photos…

26 thoughts on “Latest pictures… Helen

  1. looks amazing Helen , Am very happy for you , i guess you are satisfied with the results so far , almost no difference between the legs , thank you again for sharing this

  2. Hi Helen, would you be open to trying an essential oil blend I can make for you? The oils can assist with reducing scar tissue, fluid build up, help to improve lymph and blood circulation.

  3. Helen all I can say is wow whee — can’t whistle on the blog but consider me sending you one across the world!
    Your legs look fantastic!!

  4. You have worked hard and it shows. You have inspired me to do the same . Just had my first MLD from my therapist .,. Six weeks post op. I could not get an appt.

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    • I did not start MLD till about 5 weeks after due to infection.. My knee was like a football!!! But gradually with persistence the work pays off.. I see it as helping the nodes while they develop and grow!! I feel that after the surgery the leg responds better to treatment … I am coming to the conclusion that the post surgery care is very important even if we did not know about it before!!! Every doctor seems to be different but I think in the end you work it out for yourself.. Look forward to hearing from you πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  5. Helen- way to go! Persistence and determination is everything! So proud of your progress. The more I learn from this blog of yours, the more I can best determine my path to wellness. I thank you every day for your diligence in keeping all of us informed of your journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are definitely going to heaven!

    With joy,

  6. Wow, Helen! Your legs look great! I had to look and look again to figure out which leg had the lymphedema! I know, I know! It’s obvious to you (like my arm is obvious to me) but really, you look terrific!

    • I know but the left leg is actually two inches bigger round the lower thigh!!! Yes I know it is there.. Also that feeling at the end of the day when your limb feels “full”… But I am still happy with the results I am getting and hope over time I can Wrap less and not always have a stocking on!! The thing I notice since the surgery is that the limb seems to respond better to treatment… Helen

  7. The improvement is unbelievable. I am spoilt! I get to see them every day. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ It is hard work, but in the end you will be rewarded. And you are giving others hope.

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