Exercises to stimulate the Lymphatics .. Video

This is a set of exercises for the upper and lower body that can be done at home. The videos are put together by Heidi Roe for the Michigan State University rehabilitation unit. In the videos Heidi refers to a sheet of exercises with the repetitions which we do not have, but I would say five of each would be a good number. Just remember do not over do the exercises and keep the body cool as over heating creates more lymph, which in turn needs to be expelled. These exercises create an effect on the lymphatics by the movement of the muscles that squeeze the lymph vessels, this then pushes the lymph away from the extremities to the neck and abdomen, to then be released from the body. It is best to do the exercises wearing your compression garments as this helps to also move the lymph along the lymphatic vessels. Drink plenty of water to help expel toxins. Remember that the lymphatics do not have a heart to pump as the veins do and are reliant on movement to work.
Swimming, water aerobics and walking in a pool are also great exercises for Lymphoedema as the water acts as a natural compression, it is very liberating to get out of the compression garments for a while especially in hot weather. Going out for a good walk at anytime also gets the lymphatics pumping, just a short walk can make a difference. Make some form of exercise part of each day no matter how little or how much it will help. My favourite is to go for walks and in the summer to find a pool!!

5 thoughts on “Exercises to stimulate the Lymphatics .. Video

  1. Reblogged this on thechymeeradiaries and commented:
    Although I don’t personally suffer from this at the moment, lymphoedema can be triggered later on once you have had an axillary node removal op so I thought I’d share this excellent post.

    • Thanks for reblogging.. Stimulating the lymphatics is great for everyone as it helps the immune system and helps to clear the “rubbish” our body accumulates…

  2. This is really nice! So easy to do just before you go to bed, I guess is the best. Since she says that afterwords you need to elevate your legs. So it does not do any harm to do this for prevention? I guess not , cus they seem very soft exercises.

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