My Positive Mojo is Back!

I thought that I would reblog this to remind myself of how far I have come and for those of you who are new to my blog… this is where it all started!! Hospital was not the best for me, due to an infection but now I am building fitness and hoping those little nodes will grow and create new pathways. I am now 3 months since surgery and wear a compression stocking each day and Ready Wrap sometimes.. lower leg looks good and knee and lower thigh gradually improving.. At six months I will have an MRI and Lymphescitagraph to check progress. I also have regular MLD and Deep Lymphatic Drainage… It is slow progress but in the right direction!!!

My Lymph Node Transplant

I suggest that those of you who get a little queazy with medical details should maybe not read this post, as I will give details of surgery!

Firstly I am still in hospital and only allowed to the bathroom keeping my leg straight, otherwise sitting with leg up or on the bed. At the moment I am only allowed to bend leg to 30 degrees, let me tell you getting in and out of bed is a real trick!!! Cellulitis appears to have made its last stand by coming up around the knee incision, so some very strong IV antibiotics. I am tired but in no pain, as areas appear numb, but as of yesterday my sense of humor returned and I think my “positive mojo” is back! In the last couple of days I had truly thought myself a lunatic to go through with this!

I have said before…

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