I am really looking forward to hearing how Lisa goes with the laser. When I was being treated at Mt Wilga they used laser on the fibrous areas and scar tissue and I am sure it helped. It seemed to help soften the fibrous areas allowing bandaging to work better. Good luck and I am sure you will have good results… Thanks I have reblogged this as an area of interest in treating Lymphoedema.. Thanks Lisa

Lisa Higgins - massage across the table

I usually write my posts on Monday afternoons but this week I’m going to spend my time investigating my new laser – it was delivered at lunch time today and I’ve been itching to get it out.  Here’s a photo …

Here’s a link to RianCorp’s page which talks about lymphoedema and clinical trials run on this laser and it’s effectiveness in reducing symptoms of lymphoedema …

I have to thank one of my favourite clients for making this possible, she very kindly gave me a significant donation towards the purchase cost and I feel very honoured that she felt me worthy.  I wrote a post about her some time back, read it here   And I also need to thank another of my favourites for talking through the pros and cons of the laser over the L-dex and for her time and effort trying to organise a…

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One thought on “Laser

  1. Thanks for sharing this Helen. I have a couple people lined up this week, hopefully a few more will put their hands up next week. I’ll do a detailed blog once I have some results. I’m very excited to start incorporating the laser in my treatments.

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