Lori’s surgery USA

Lori had surgery on 29th May in New York under Drs Becker and Vasile. Lori travelled from California to have this surgery, having investigated other Doctors, she found she was happiest with their protocol. She wrote to me before the surgery that this was her last hope!

Lori says:- “Ugg! It’s over! I have lymphedema in my leg. The surgery was a success! Lots more healing though..and therapy. I had a team of four docs working on me.. They cut into my arm pit and removed a flap..don’t know how many nodes. They cut on the right side of my leg, almost where my pants seam would go and above my knee, about a 4 1/2 inch incision and placed the harvested new nodes. My doctor told me that as soon as she cut open my leg lymphatic fluid gushed out! When I woke up from the four hour surgery my arm felt like it had been broken..the pain was intense and sooo sore. I couldn’t move it. My leg however..was without pain! The incision didn’t even hurt! I had lots of numbness around my knee and down my leg and the right side of my ankle… no feeling at all. I had drains in my arm for a week and my leg for four days.” Lori

Lori is now home and we hope to hear some more updates of her progress, she is hoping to return to swimming as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing this with us as everyone has a different experience.. If you would like to share your story please email me at >helenbrd@bigpond.net.au or leave me a comment to contact you… Helen


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13 thoughts on “Lori’s surgery USA

  1. My best wishes to Lori. I really hope that her last hope will turn out the best solution! Take care, and wish you good recovery…

      • Hullo, I too have had the same node transplant in Paris two months ago but my surgeon has not told me when it is safe to wear my grade 3 garment and she is unavailable for full info. Can anyone help me with this problem as it is very difficult to function in my daily life. Many thanks.

          • Dr Becker was my surgeon but I can only email her as she is often abroad teaching and doesn’t seem to know when its safe to don my grade 3garment which is pretty important. Thanks for reply.

            • I think that my first reply to you did not go through .. Sorry about that..I had lymph nodes put into my knee and was allowed to wear grade 3 compression I after one month so at two months you will be fine. I also did MLD and bandaging to help the leg reduce.. I am now at 4 months and going ok.. It is good to get back into the compression.. Just check that the size of your pre surgery ones are still ok..

              Sorry that my original reply went missing and hope this helps you.. Stay in touch I would love to know your progress.. Helen

  2. Many many thanks for your speedy reply in helping me as I have been very upset with the lack of proper information and I shall certainly keep in touch via my progress. Best wishes from Ginty

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  4. I suffer from lower limb lymphedema. I too had a radical hysterectomy for uterine cancer. Cancer was never found, but lymphedema found me!
    I am trying to get approved for a lymph node transfer. Do they harvest the nodes from the opposite side of where you have lymphedema? I was told they take them from under the arm pit or the neck area. I’m seeing Dr Granzow in California.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Good luck with your app with Dr Granzow.. Each patient is different in their needs and the Drs can have different protocols … Dr Granzow will decided what is best for you and yes nodes are usually taken from the neck or axilla.. Good luck and keep us posted to your progress…

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