LRF Week in Review: June 14, 2013

I am sharing with you the wonderful work of the Lymphatic Reasearch Foundation… They are at the forefront of Reasearch in treating lymphatic diseases.. Please give them your support as they are helping us to find the answers we need….

Lymphatic Education & Research Network

LRF Video Released
We were thrilled to see this video produced by the Long Island Imagine Awards this week. It was shot as a result of LRF being named a Rising Star Finalist for this year’s awards. We hope the video serves to introduce many more people to LRF’s mission and will get more people involved in supporting our work. We ask all our supporters to share the video.

News from a Mom

We also released a video interview with Elizabeth Basaca whose daughter Naomi has lymphatic malformation. Many people have asked how Naomi is doing. We are pleased to report that she is doing well, and have asked Elizabeth to give us a more complete update. Stay tuned.

NYC Marathon

Our Marathon team is complete and our teams will now begin fundraising. Some of them have started already. Please consider making a donation to LRF through this exciting event.

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