The Etiquette of sharing!!


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I have been made aware that some of my posts have been I shared word for word without credit being given or a link to my blog. It is very flattering that people would think that my words are so good that they would like to take them for their own!! I know that on the Internet we don’t really own anything even if we place Copyright on it. However I feel there needs to be a little etiquette in sharing and credit given where credit is due. This is something I feel very strongly about as a great deal of hard work goes into creating a post and forming a blog. The patients I write about have also given me permission to share their stories and I respect this. I also give credit when using others Peoples videos and articles.

A sharing of knowledge can only benefit us all and I am happy for this but please always give a credit and link to my blog…. Thanks…My Lymph node Transplant..Helen

8 thoughts on “The Etiquette of sharing!!

  1. Hello! I’ve shared lots of your posts, with a link to your site on several Lymphoedema awareness groups on LinkedIn and LSN, and they have all loved them. Your posts are of great interest to others. Keep them up! I’ve encouraged others to sign up to your blog so they can see news as it happens. A Dr on one of the forums says new info is out soon. X

    • Yes i have been very happy with your sharing and very appreciative.. This was a person who did a cut and paste to their own blog including pictures and no credit to me at all.. I am more than happy for people to share as that is how we build awareness. I have contacted them and asked them to give a credit to me…. Keep up your good work if sharing i do not want to stop that!! Thanks Helen

      • Oh that’s fine then! I love your posts Helen. I try to share as much research and new info as I can on the net. I have a list of the studies done on lymph node transfer – I’m
        Sure you have them but let me know if not. Exciting times ahead. Artificial lymph nodes for primary Lymphoedema would be an amazing thing.

        • The offending article has been removed they were new to blogging!! Lesson learnt!!! Yes there is a great deal of excitement around all this. There is hope for lymphoedema sufferers!!

  2. Dear Helen, I have not responded, but I follow your logs. Thank you. I have had lymphedema of my right arm for 26 years and hope that I can continue to stave off more damaging effects of lymphedema..but I needed to respond to you that your posting reach so many and OF COURSE there will be jerks involved, but not all of us. Thank you for yor you posts! Mary Ann

    • The issue has been corrected and most people do the right thing…. I have no problem with people sharing as that builds awareness…just give me credit and a link to my blog!!!! Ultimately we have no control of our words or pictures … It is wonderful that so many are reading i just love that … This is the most important thing to me… Thanks Mary…

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