Sue does a happy dance!!


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In Sue’s own words….

“I wanted to report on my visit with the surgeon today. Dr. Kanchwala was very pleased with the appearance of my leg, and I told him I had been only bandaging all day/night since last Friday. He pushed his thumb into the calf area, and noticed that there was not as much pitting, which means the fluid is starting to move out. My foot is still puffy and that’s because the foam compression bandaging does not touch the foot, though I have the cloth bandaging and a foam pad on my foot, and two compression pieces around each ankle bone. He also examined my leg incision and was pleased with there being no sign of infection. He told me this is a sign that the lymph nodes are working!
I am to continue with aggressive treatment, therapy and bandaging for two months, and will return to him on August 8th. He did give me permission to return to the gym; he said there is no need for me to walk slowly on the treadmill.

If after the bandages are removed, and my swelling is maintained, he will consider the liposuction, which will remove the fat that has settled in the leg, and this will mean I will have two matching legs. However, liposuction is not definite yet as it is too soon to determine if my surgery is a success.

As far as testing, he told me that he does not test the lymph nodes as he doesn’t want to take a chance of hurting them. There would be no use if the lymph nodes do not work, because he cannot repair them. They would be removed and that would be it. So I am glad, with my insurance situation, that Dr. Kanchwala did not recommend any testing at all.

So I am really pleased today, but still cautiously optimistic as it is too soon to tell if it’s just the compression bandaging giving the leg the good appearance, and the lymph node transfer not making any difference. But at least I have some hope today!” Sue


Lymph nodes and vessels… Wikipedia

Thanks for your latest update Sue and so glad to hear more positive news…

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