My story in photos….

These pictures show the incision in knee where transferred nodes have been placed, they were taken  from the neck…Photographs were taken at various stages….

It is now eleven weeks since my surgery and this week I will have measurements taken to compare with pre surgery. When I left hospital (after two weeks) my leg was bigger than before surgery!!!!! This was due to infection, lack of movement, no MLD and no compression garments, in fact I was very distressed by the state of my Lymphoedema. It was not till week four that I was allowed to have Manual Lymph Drainage, use compression garments, bandaging and Ready Wraps, so this slowed the process right down. Now it is week eleven, scars are healing post surgical swelling is reducing. Is lymphoedema reducing? This is the million dollar question!!!! Only time will tell!!!


First week with area of infection marked.. Photo Helensamia


Four weeks with stitches out.. Photo Helensamia

Incision in neck where the Lymph nodes were removed from.

Four weeks…Incision in neck where the Lymph nodes were removed  for transfer. Photo Helensamia.


Wearing Ready Wraps to reduce swelling instead of complex bandages… Photo Helensamia


Four weeks in compression stocking class 3 with incision area protected… Photo Helensamia


Eleven weeks in compression…. surgical swelling reducing in knee.. Elevated when ever possible!!!Photo Helensamia


Eleven weeks after surgery.. Scar fading…. vitamin E oil used everyday.. . Photo Helensamia


Eleven weeks…..Scar healing well on neck ….I use vitamin E oil on it every day.. Photo Helensamia


Eleven weeks… At night after compression stocking removed… Photo Helensamia


Eleven weeks.. First thing in the morning.. It seems to be draining during the night…Photo Helensamia

16 thoughts on “My story in photos….

  1. Hi Helen

    The pics tell the story !!!! In fact the leg from down under is looking ok. Lets hope it gets even better for you so Adam can chase you up and down the stairs hahahahahah All is ok here lots of beach I am doing a few trips one tomorrow all day cruise and on the 10/06 flying over to Lombok for 3 days. Leaving clothes here and just taking a few odds and sods just a bit of luxury as this is rather basic and has no English TV which I did not know as we did not watch any when we were here last Ke me posted with the play for State of Origin. I will have to try and find somewhere to watch it. O I hope we smash them this time ….we can always hope….. Take care Julie xxxx ,

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  2. Helen, thanks for all the great updates. I have found them so helpful and I know they must take some doing what with everything else that is happening to you. Hope the improveent continues.

  3. Helen, your leg looks great! In that shot taken first thing in the morning, the leg looks downright skinny! Good going!

    • My lower leg has never been a major problem the ankle swells in hot weather.. I think it is a flattering picture!!! Above the knee is actually 2 inches bigger than my good leg and calf about 1 inch… The middle of leg is problem area….That is why transfer to knee!! Ready wraps got a lot if fluid moving…

  4. Helen, thank you for sharing your experience through pictures. Your leg looks great! Keep up the wonderful progress. Your scars are barely visible.

  5. The scars are hardly visible!!!–Who would be staring that close to the inner aspect of your left knee??LOL–Lady, you are gorgeous for so many reasons-one of which is the fact that you are willing to share such a difficult time in your life with total strangers. However, I hope you understand that if we are reading this story, we are reading it because we too are affected with the same problem–ie lymphedema. Reading everyone’s responses is giving me something I haven’t had since realizing I had lymphedema–a support system.
    I think the worst is behind you—You are on the road to emotional as well as physical recovery. Your leg looks fabulous! The pictures are really the best way to explain the journey.

  6. I am so impressed with the results you are having. Where did you have your surgery? I’m so interested in having this procedure done.

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