A light at the end of the tunnel!


Can I see the light?…Google images

I started my day today with the Physio for Manual Lymph Drainage and to see how things were going. This week I had not used the Ready Wraps and had worn my compression stocking instead. I had felt that the Ready Wraps were pushing the fluid from my knee downwards instead of up and away!! I had also decided to just do the walking I needed to do this week, not strengthening exercises or stretching of the knee. This was because I am not sure if the extra exercise was causing the knee to swell rather than being Lymphoedema. We did not do any measures today but the Physio felt that I was actually getting a visible knee and less swelling. Next week we will measure again and hope to compare these to pre surgery measurements. My leg is soft and there is no pitting, so this is good, but is it due to Lymph nodes or all the treatment I am getting!!!

Next it was off to the imaging department and the ultrasound I had been dreading. Could they see any viable Lymph nodes in the transferred tissue? As always my surgery was of great interest to the technician, as a first at Macquarie Uni Hospital.(leg) The  lady had lots of questions, which at least helped to calm my nerves. She then started to do the ultrasound on my knee and I could barely breathe…
“I think that’s one there and it’s working hard.”
Oh my goodness what a relief I could feel the tears coming but managed to hold it together. The technician then went and got two of the doctors to come and have a look. They thought that maybe there were two lymph nodes and asked how many had been transferred, but I did not know that, I thought it was usually only three or four to protected the donor site. They said because there was fluid present it was difficult to tell but they thought two… Well that is much better than zero…. My story continues!!!!


Coming out of the darkness.. Google images

A light at the end of the tunnel, after all that I have been through, was more than I hoped for. I emailed my doctor and told him to expect a report and I wanted to hear the results before I see him next Friday!!

31 thoughts on “A light at the end of the tunnel!

  1. Helen, I have been waiting with bated breath to hear your progress and I’m so pleased to hear things are seeming to be decidedly better. I am due to have lymph transfer to groin in August and have been feeling very nervous after reading progress reports from you and Sue.
    Hope everything continues to go well for you.

    • Hi Diane. It is much slower than we expected and it is difficult to see no initial results… It is certainly not a case of throwing the compression away!!! At least by August you will know what to expect… That was my reason for writing the blog so people are more prepared.. You can give me a call anytime.. I hope when the time comes i can share your story too! … Helen

  2. You have bought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye, so happy and so relieved .stay positive my friend xxx

  3. beautiful….I have left leg lymphedema, and have been debating seeking out a lymph node transfer or re-anastamoses surgery. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am so thrilled to hear your news, and like so many others, this brought a tear to my eye. Stay well, stay positive….

    • I think every year this surgery will improve as the doctors gain more experience and are able to follow up the progress. I think in years to come this will become a surgery that can be done as soon as the Lymphoedema appears… I gather that the earlier it is done the better… It is very exciting to think the future could be brighter ….

  4. very very gooooooooood news Helen , felt tears coming out while reading the part of ultrasound
    am sure everyone on the blog wishes the best for you , for i think this is a metter of time then you will notice the difference
    goooooood luck

    • Thanks it is such a slow progress to see results.. I am so glad I started this blog as it allows people to get a true picture of what it is like to have the surgery… It has allowed me to connect with many wonderful people and to be able to share their experience too which has been a great help to me..

  5. I’m off to hear a lecture about this (in the States) from a lady who had the surgery in January and now the lymphedema is gone. I’m excited and nervous but very interested. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  6. Helen, I am feeling your tears for you! I am so happy that at least two of the transferred lymph nodes are working hard!! This really is great news!!

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