Sue Starts Manual Lymph Drainage

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Reid Sleeve

ReidSleeve.. photo Peninsular Medical

Today I am continuing the updates from Sue who has started regular Manual Lymph Drainage as the next stage of her treatment. She is using a ReidSleeve boot like the one above as opposed to the complex Bandaging as you can take it on and off as needed. These are created by Peninsula Medical and are available for legs, arms and hands. Please click on the link below for more information.


The ReidSleeve (U.S.Patents 5,904,145 5,916,183 5,196,231) is made from a soft foam core. This is specially designed to provide a gentle gradient pressure. The pressure exerted on the limb (arm or leg) is controlled by a series of Velcro® straps. This design allows the compression to be precisely tailored to the patient’s needs. The sleeve easily slides over the affected limb and then the compression straps are adjusted.

The outer shell is made of durable, attractive nylon, available in many colors. The inner lining is made of a blend of cotton and lycra to provide maximum comfort while maintaining effectiveness.

Control of edema in the hand and wrist area is critical. The ReidSleeve incorporates conforming plastic plates to provide consistent, effective pressure to this critical area. The data from the original study demonstrates that the ReidSleeve is highly effective at controlling edema in this area. In a 4-week study, edema in the hands of affected patients was reduced by an average of 80%.

A specially designed gauge (U.S. Patent 5,904,145) is used to assess the pressure exerted over any region of the limb. The gauge is as easy to use as a blood pressure cuff. This simple procedure insures that compression applied to the patient’s limb is consistently applied and in the proper range to provide optimal results.

Patients can fit the sleeve in minutes without assistance and have the confidence of knowing they are applying the most effective pressure. As the patient improves the ReidSleeve can be adjusted to the new limb size thereby maintaining the proper pressure range.



Reidsleeve.. boot.. photo Peninsular Medical

•FDA Class I (880.5160)
•Higher compliance than wraps or pumps
•Less expensive than pumps
•Easily applied in minutes by the patient
•Quickly and reliably adjusted to a precise and consistent pressure
•Can be easily fit and followed by physician, nurse or therapist
•Provides the patient with effective therapy, while raising self-esteem and encouraging self-reliance
•Quality materials and manufacturing in the USA
•Developed by a physician

Sue says
“I am with you as to this being an up and down emotional journey. I started MLD therapy last Monday (am going three times a week for a month at least). I wasn’t real happy when my therapist measured my leg and it was far worse than it had been when I started the second series of MLD treatment from 12/2011 through 4/2012. I am hoping that because she had not seen my leg right before the surgery, that this may not be as bad of news as I thought. I am wearing a Reid Sleeve for now, since it’s easier for me to wear this big compression “boot” from toes to hip than dealing with the foam compression and elastic bandaging. But if the swelling is not significantly better by this Monday, I am going to have to use those darn bandages. I personally see small changes in my leg, and I am just going to have to be patient. The surgeon said 6-8 months to see if it worked.

If the surgery is successful, then he will do the liposuction to clear out the fat and protein that have settled in the leg, but again only if the surgery is successful.

I have now returned to work and am glad that I did. Thirty days out of work is enough! I wear the big boot all day and just remove it when I have to go out to lunch or anywhere in public. I just don’t want the stares or questions. It looks like I have a broken leg. Who wants to go into details about lymphedema and now the surgery with strangers who have no idea how difficult living with lymphedema is!

Also, I am back to using my pump daily at the instructions of the therapist. I seem to think it helps to use the pump along with the compression boot. When I stopped using it for a few days, I didn’t notice any increased swelling but no less swelling either.

I was happy to read Jennifer’s post. It is good to know what to expect later on down the road!…” Sue

To all the mothers out there I would also like to say a Happy Mothers Day today


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7 thoughts on “Sue Starts Manual Lymph Drainage

  1. i like this : Who wants to go into details about lymphedema and now the surgery with strangers who have no idea how difficult living with lymphedema is! so true , just wondering how can i get one one like this , i mean ReidSleeve boot , since i am not under any kind of treatment , i am just tired rolling the bandage every day and night , i think this one is better as it is easy to wear and take off

    • Either this or the Ready Wraps I am sure you could buy online … I had one site in one of my posts I think it was Lymphedema products… Otherwise contact the company and find out who sells them… Yes these new products much easier than bandages… Let me know how you go… Yes only we understand how it feels… Makes life difficult…. Take care Helen

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