Sue’s Progress Report

I finally found a doctor in Philadelphia who specializes in lymphedema. I live in New Jersey and there just aren’t any doctors in my area. Dr. LeBlanc spent close to 1-1/2 hours with me, looking at my leg, measuring it and giving me instructions. She has seen a few of the other patients who have had the lymph node transfer surgery by the same surgeon as I did, and she told me that my leg is the best that she has seen. I think I am fortunate that my surgeon has perfected his procedure in that unlike his other patients with leg lymphedema, the incision was not made in my groin but ended up being done at the top of my thigh. The doctor was surprised that I am in no pain, but that is true. I never had a lot of pain following the surgery, and the only nuisance connected to the surgery was having two drains in for a week when I was discharged from the hospital. Other than that, the surgery for me was pretty much pain free.

I did ask Dr. LeBlanc about using the pump, and she said she is not a fan of the pump; just does not feel that they are effective.

I will be starting lymphedema drainage therapy on Monday and the doctor has prescribed that my leg be bandaged with the foam and elastic bandages that I have had for the past five years (wearing them only when needed believe me).

My leg continues to slowly progress, so I am hopeful that the surgery is a success. The surgeon says it will take 6-8 months to make a determination on success and whether I could have liposuction to remove the fat and protein that have settled in the leg. Sue…..


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6 thoughts on “Sue’s Progress Report

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. It is helpful for those if us also dealing with this.
    I too had a lymph node transfer, by doctors in New York, two years ago. Would love to talk more about your experience. Olive in Connecticut. Cell phone is: 203-815-9912.
    I hope to have a chance to speak with you.
    Keeping courage, every step.

    • I will pass this on to Sue. Has your transfer been a success??? Was it to the leg or arm? It would be great if you let us know a little of your experience. Thanks Helen

  2. lucky you that you have a medical care in your country , my dream is going abroad for that surgery
    i wish i can do it one day , my leg is getting worst without any therapy , am happy to hear that you are in progress , good luck , best wishes

    • One day Younes that will happen… When you have a dream you can work towards it… By then the surgery will not be so new and it will be more reliable… I wish that for you… Helen xxxx

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