My new leg wear!


Ready Wraps by Solaris.. Photo by Helensamia

Yesterday when I saw the physio she felt there was improvement in the leg. She felt that the leg and the transplant were softer and looked better. The L-dex reading had gone down a little to 22 so a slight reduction in swelling. The Doctor has now allowed me to do what ever movement and exercise I can, or that I am capable of,  which is not much! To this end I now have exercises to strengthen the leg and get the full range of movement back. Everyday it feels stronger but I am still very slow and walking with Ready Wraps on feels like you have weights strapped to the ankle!

I Thought I would show you my latest leg wear as it is in exciting black instead of beige! I don’t know why compression garments are always beige, as it does not hide or disguise them, I can’t wait for one of those companies who do patterned sleeves (see below) to make some patterned leg wear too for Lymphoedema…. It’s there, we cannot hide it, so best make it a feature. These Ready Wraps are made of fabric similar to a wet suit and they Velcro around the leg. They come in four separate pieces, foot, calf, knee and thigh also a cotton stocking for underneath. Measurements are taken of the leg to ensure the right size pieces are ordered. One problem though is the stocking must be made for midgets,there is no way it goes to the top of my thigh, so I combine this with the tubular bandage I use for under complex bandaging. I pull the tubular bandage out the top of the wraps, so the thigh part does not rub, also round the ankle I leave some out to protect the ankle bones from rubbing.

I will let you know how well these Ready wraps work, I notice that they do come adrift a bit as you walk and I have to redo them a couple of times during the day. I also found that they worked better with the knee piece on first but the instructions tell you to put this on last. I found that if I did it last they did not hold together well but I guess everyone is different.


Photo Lymphedema Products

A friend found this site online that you can buy the ready Wraps called Lymphedema Products.. They are much cheaper than I  paid in Australia and they have many other Lympedema supplies too..

When I talk about beautiful sleeves and gauntlets for those with Lymphedema of the arm this is the company that creates them… I am waiting for leg ones …Please…

These  are some of the beautiful compression sleeves from LympheDivas

“The story of LympheDIVAs began in Philadelphia when two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Troxell and Robin Miller, developed lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment that can cause permanent swelling in the arms. Their physicians and lymphedema therapists recommended a compression sleeve as the most effective way of controlling the swelling. When they researched the options for the sleeve they found that the only ones available were rough textured, heavy, hot, beige, and bandage-like. Frustrated and dismayed over the lack of options they had for compression sleeves, Robin and Rachel met with Kristin Dudley, a fashion designer, to discuss their idea of creating a more elegant and comfortable compression sleeve.

In late 2007, Robin left the company. Soon after, Rachel discovered her breast cancer had returned. While she was being treated, she continued building LympheDIVAs, which brought her much joy during a difficult time in her life. Rachel died January 22, 2008, at the age of 37. Her determination and compassion to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors is very much ingrained in the spirit of LympheDIVAs.

Today, LympheDIVAs’ products can be found in retail locations nationwide and internationally. At Rachel’s request, her father Dr. Howard Levin and her mother, Judy Levin took over the responsibility of running the company which their daughter helped found. In August of 2010, Rachel’s little brother, Josh Levin, joined the company and is now running it with his parents. They all hope that LympheDIVAs’ compression apparel will continue to inspire breast cancer survivors everywhere to feel as beautiful, strong and confident as Rachel was.”


The above images are all from LympheDivas and their story

13 thoughts on “My new leg wear!

  1. Sounds like some good news about movement and reduction in swelling! That must be encouraging. I was quite intrigued by the LympheDIVA story. Can’t help wondering what happened with Robin…

      • My heart aches when I hear these stories, like the ‘Lymphedivas’ story-I feel that everything in life happens for a reason and my lymphedema happened so that I may help others understand this and not give up hope.. I share my story with anyone who is interested enough to listen. I feel if I can help one person NOT go thru the frustration and tears I went thru, I will have accomplished a very great thing. This blog has saved my sanity; it has given me hope, information and ammunition to fight this battle-no one can do this alone. I felt as though no one KNEW ANYTHING about LE. One day thru tears, anger, and frustration I stumbled across the “My Lymph Node Transplant” blog site. As time has gone by, I have learned that I am not alone in my search to find and understand the information about procedures and products for LE.

        I first heard of Dr. David Chang, MD, thru this blog. After reading his bio and researching the data, I felt confident enough to have an evaluation for the LE in my left leg at the University of Chicago Medical Center last September. I am now scheduled for surgery on June 19, 2015, to have a lymph node transplant, (LNT) and a lymphatico-venus bypass to my left leg. The power of the internet and the sharing of information empowers patients and keeps practioners on their toes. In the end, better care is provided to the patients.

        God Bless Rachel and Robin for starting this fabulous company. It amazes me how regular people can make lemons into lemonade, even in their darkest hour. Many thanks to Dr. Levin, Judy Levin, and their son Josh for taking over the company and continuing to provide these beautiful products to people all over the world, and thereby keeping the memory of their daughter alive.

        My hope is that one day, LE will be discussed on the Dr. Oz show and LE will finally have a voice by gaining national awareness and recognition.

        • So glad that my little blog has had a positive effect on your life… It is such a help not to feel alone in all of this… I think the LE voice is gradually getting a little louder that is for sure… Just have to keep chipping away at the medical profession and the powers that be.. I am certainly hearing of more people having the surgery and the doctors and becoming more experienced… It is all exciting progress that gives hope to thousands… Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and when you have your surgery i would live you to write a post for us about your experiences before and after.. You can email it to me at thanks Helen

          • I would love to do that–in hopes that it keeps everyone in the medical profession with a “feeling heart and a compassionate voice” to those of us afflicted with LE. All we want is our life back! Most of us have been going thru the many hoops of wrapping and rewrapping and tons of preventative therapies-for myself, after 3 long years, the wait is about to be over-I needed something more permanent instead of just preventative therapies and I am praying on a daily basis that I have found my answer. I will help anyone in any way I can. I understand the frustrations in our day to day life and I want to help by sharing my experiences when I return from Chicago. Thank you for caring enough to read my responses. Liz

    • I had a reply re Robin from LympheDIVAS… I did want to clear up the above comments about Robin. She left the company in 2007 to pursue her own career and now works with the National Lymphedema Network as their Design and Development … I am so glad to know that she is healthy and doing well.. Helen

      • Very happy to hear Robin is doing well—when my surgery is completed in June, I will have a month off and will continue to give updates on the recuperation process of lymph node transplant as well as my experiences at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Information is power and the information may help others who are contemplating undergoing similar procedures.


  2. Hi, this Josh Levin – president of LympheDIVAs. Thank you so much for telling our story and showing our garments! We know that there is a huge demand for our prints on lower extremity garments and that is a need that we know we will eventually want to fill. I did want to clear up the above comments about Robin. She left the company in 2007 to pursue her own career and now works with the National Lymphedema Network as their Design and Development Coordinator.

    • Thank you so much Josh for that.. People will be happy that Robin is going well and still working in the area of Lymphedema. Your designs are wonderful and I await the leg ones!! I am wearing Black Ready Wraps at the moment and just being out of beige makes me happy it makes things feel less medical!!! Keep up the good work we appreciate it so much… Helen

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