The Inspirational Blogger Award


It is fantastic to be given the Inspirational Blogger award by “Knitting Rays of Hope.” Having not been blogging for very long, I am happy to know that I am reaching out to others and building awareness and education of Lymphoedema, for all fellow Lymphies!

As the recipient of this award, the rules are I should pass it on to 15 others, but being new to this I have decided to pass it on to one blog that has inspired me.

“Saying NOPE to Breast Cancer.”

The courage and openness that is expressed in this blog is truly inspirational and the help it will give others in making this decision can only be of benefit.. Congratulations..

There is a list of blogs that I follow at the end of each post and all are worthy of this award, but I could not decided on who to leave out, so I chose one only!!!

The other part of this award is to say seven things about myself that others may not know!

I was born in England
Moved to New Zealand and now live in Australia
I love long walks
I am a Roosters and Sydney FC supporter
I like photography
My husband is my rock through all the ups and downs
I have two great kids who are adults not kids any more!


14 thoughts on “The Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. Helen! That is amazing. Congratulations on receiving this great award. You are one tough Lymphie and have yourself done great good by blogging about your journey. Here’s to many more awesome blog posts (and pics!). πŸ™‚

    And, of course, thank you from the bottom of my ❀ for awarding it to me. I really, greatly, humbly (is that a word?) appreciate your kind words and this award. I am happy to know that not only do you enjoy reading my blog, but you found it inspiring. Again, a huge THANK YOU!!!

  2. May I add my applause to all of the others. Well done, well deserved!!! You are a guiding light, pioneer woman! Bridget

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