Be Positive, Patient and Persistent..


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I saw this today when I was on the internet and thought how appropriate it was for my time at the moment, I think also a good thought for others to use too. “Be Positive,  Patient and Persistent .” Apologies to the original author but there was nothing to say who created this, but such good words, so thank you who ever you are!

I thought I would give you an update as to my progress the last couple of days. Yesterday I went to work for the day, which was a big event, given that I had a 45 minute drive each way and realised that the seat belt goes right over the incision on my collar-bone. My previous short drives had been ok but I found I had to put a bit of padding in the form of a wool scarf to protect my shoulder. I have been asked by others if this surgery had been painful, in fact during  the whole process there has been very little pain, due to the areas being quite numb and the surgery especially to the knee not in deep. The shoulder and neck  however have had some discomfort of late as I think some of the nerves are waking up! Especially as it is my right arm, which I use more, there is quite an ache by the end of the day. However given the length of surgery and the two areas affected I have only needed to use the odd Panadol other than the first couple of days.  Back to my day at work which I really enjoyed, I work as a counsellor/therapist so I am sitting most of the time. My doctor had asked if I could elevate my leg while I was working but I thought this would look a bit silly while I was with clients, so  in between  I elevated!  At least the doctor at last let me go back to work! It was good to get out and do something “normal” and to use my brain! I only intend working part-time, as I work for myself I have given myself permission to do this!!

Today I went to a large shopping centre near me  and felt quite overwhelmed by all the people. It does not take long when you have been isolated for a few weeks to get unused to crowds. I was a bit worried someone would knock or push me or I might trip over, have to pick my feet up!! The main thing is that you can see I am at last doing  some everyday things, I maybe slow, I may get tired but I am doing them. I must always remember when there are times  I feel down that with  Patience, Persistence and a Positive  attitude I will get there!


I love the little pansy faces.. Photo Helensamia

One of the things I love to do is photographing flowers, so over my next blogs I will share some with you. I think of flowers as natures Happy Face!

8 thoughts on “Be Positive, Patient and Persistent..

  1. Be Positive, Patient and Persistent… I love this! It isn’t the easiest thing to do, doing and putting all three in action but it is done life just seems so much better. Thanks for the encouraging words for me today. 🙂

  2. Love this blog….congratulations on your return and recovery. I have left leg lymphedema too, and am seriously thinking about pursuing surgery to try and relieve some of the congestion…very interested to keep hearing about your experience

    • I will keep writing as this is a slow process waiting to see if it will work.. It can take a year or longer to see improvement as hopefully the transferred Lymph nodes start to create new lymphatic vessels… Thanks for reading .. Helen

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