The magic touch!

Beautiful Pink Flowers..... Photo Helensamia

Beautiful Pink Flowers….. Photo Helensamia

Today was my second visit to the physiotherapist, as she wanted to check that the Manual Lymph Drainage and compression stocking were doing their job. I have been very vigilant with my MLD, doing it twice a day and when ever I think about it taking deep breaths and pushing the abdomen in, to stimulate the abdominal lymph nodes. I have noticed that when I do the MLD in the morning I feel a little nauseous after and a slight headache. I think that this is due to the detoxing affect of the MLD and the movement of stagnant lymph around the body. Today the physio did not do a measure but she felt my leg was much softer, the skin not so taunt, abdomen less bloated and the ankle looked far better. The area around the incision in my knee and under my knee felt much softer, though the area of the transplant is quite hard, this may stay as such for a long time. The area looks a little bruised and very swollen still but otherwise shows no sign of infection, as the scar continues to heal. The physio then did MLD, which is so good when someone else does it for you, as I once had a disaster and gave myself mastitis from bringing the lymph up into my breast instead of under the arm. (Always look on the bright side of life). I was pleased to learn I could continue with my compression stocking so long as the leg keeps improving. I never thought I would say I am happy to wear a compression garment!! I did realise after four weeks of not being able to wear it, what a good job they do.


Compression reduces up the leg which pushes the lymph up towards the abdomen. There are various levels of compression dependent on what is needed. I wear 20-30mmHg.. Google images

Next Monday I am to visit the physio again, this time she will take measurements ready for when I see the doctor on Friday. I am sure he will then give me a new set of instructions to follow! In the meantime I will continue the magic touch of MLD and hope the leg continues to improve.  I can also now bend my leg to 90 degrees and can step normally on the stairs, with strong grip on the banister!

Deep lymph nodes and vessels of the thorax and...

Deep lymph nodes and vessels of the thorax and abdomen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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