The simple things in life!


Bathtime.. Google images

For those of you who have ever had surgery the best day is when you are allowed to get in the shower and get every bit of you wet! Not an arm out or a leg out but all of you under a good hot shower…. Bliss….. There is no top and tail wash that can replace this!!!

Today for me was another great moment I could get in the bath! I am a bath girl, it is the best to relax with oils, beautiful smells and bubbles up to your ears. We have a deep Victorian bath and while unable to bend my leg it had been impossible to get in, let alone out! Today I decided it was time to have a go. Husband home in case I needed hauling out, but I was very determined. It was wonderful to soak all those tired muscles and sore spots, oil soaking into dry skin, I felt like a new person! I stayed in there for ages! Bliss! It was a bit tricky getting out but I made it, I was very happy!

English: bliss

English: bliss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My walks are also going well, though slow I managed a whole 20 minute walk today and all without a limp and no walking stick! I am not allowed to do what my doctor calls “exercise” walks or bike rides or gym, until 3 months after surgery,  I am therefore very happy to go on these short, slow walks and enjoy the sunshine.


Google images

Once again it is amazing how simple things can please when you have been deprived of them for a while. We can all learn to appreciate the small things in life! What simple things do you love?

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