A Small Victory…. At Snails Pace!


The great escape

Today I went for my first walk, a very short one, but I escaped the house and walked to a near-bye coffee shop for a change of venue, skim flat white and a wholemeal muffin! Leaving the house I suddenly thought that maybe I needed a walking stick, which seemed a bit over the top, but maybe sensible as I was venturing out alone. I don’t have a walking stick so decided to use an umbrella instead for support, also looks less dramatic and it had been raining! I have to say that I was very glad I made this decision, as I was very, very slow and had difficulty picking my feet up. My biggest danger was navigating the uneven pavements with feet that just did not seem to want to lift up! Wow.. Three and a half weeks of resting, elevating legs, surgery and infection had taken a bigger toll than I had thought physically.

walking sticks

walking sticks (Photo credit: patrick wilken)

I think even a snail would have beaten me today and the tortoise would have romped past me! You know you are slow when the crossing light changes to red and you still have not made it over the road! I felt very vulnerable and it gave me an insight in to what it would be like to have a disability or to be elderly. There are things we take for granted till they are taken away, though for me I know I will improve, but today was very confronting.

Even though slow and a bit unsteady I made it and felt so much better for my little outing, these simple victories are what help to pass the time. Like “Rocky” I will now take on the challenge of small walks everyday, till I feel my strength return. I maybe a snail at the moment but I will get faster, tomorrow is a new day, the sun is out and I will learn to appreciate small victories on the way to reaching my goal!


What a treat!

10 thoughts on “A Small Victory…. At Snails Pace!

  1. Helen, I like your Rocky reference. As you know, my surgery will be in Philadelphia, home of Rocky! Thanks again for your updates. It is wonderful to see that you were able to venture out even at the snail’s pace. Have you noticed any difference in the size of your leg?

    • I am interested to see how your surgery goes with the lymph nodes going into the groin.. Mine have gone into the side of the knee and that is making it difficult to walk now re bending the knee… And lifting the feet.. Though each day there is improvement in this. At this time my lower leg has same measurement as pre surgery but the knee is still very swollen so is bigger than pre surgery. Upper thigh also same as pre surgery. I have not worn compression since pre surgery but as of end of this week this may change. Doctor wants to maybe bandage the leg for a while to reduce knee swelling which he says is also making movement difficult. I have to keep reminding myself it is far to early to see benefits… I am doing MLD on leg plus exercises to stimulate the lymphatics… Gosh I have to stay positive and get through this!!! I am thinking of you often as you await surgery..

  2. Helen,
    Yeah for small victories!!!!! You are doing an awesome job!!!! 4 years ago I had to have ACL reconstruction on my left knee and so I have a bit of an idea of what you are going through. It’s not fun, but keeping up with the exercises and pushing yourself ever so gently are going to help you reach your goals. Glad you were able to get out of the house, finally. So important!!!!
    Keep pushing forward!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you for that encouragement it really helps me… As I am the first in Australia to have this surgery I have no one to ask or judge against my progress… I see small improvements in mobility everyday but I guess we all would want to be back to “normal” and being an active person normally it is a bit frustrating!!! Have a good week.. Helen

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