Room with a View!


Get well flowers from Switzerland.. Thank you


Room with a view!


My lovely garden view.

I hope you are all enjoying a Happy Easter, I certainly am, just by being at home and in my nice comfy chair looking out to the garden. I have slept for about 10 hours the last two nights, so that is a great help to how I feel, both physically and mentally. When I first came home I was feeling very tearful, but with some good sleep I am feeling stronger and more positive again. I was really totally unprepared for this post surgery part and the fact that I would be so restricted, sitting is not usually part of my repertoire!! By the time I see the doctor on Friday I will have sat for three weeks!! However what is encouraging is that my knee looks better everyday, when the stitches come out I think it will be quite neat. There is far less swelling and the redness from infection has all died down. I have slightly more movement in the knee maybe 45 degrees but still very stiff, I am just allowing it to move naturally with no forcing it to bend.

The incision in my neck, where the lymph nodes were taken, is healing very well and I am now able to apply vitamins E oil which will help reduce scaring. The scar is actually along my collar bone and I think once healed will be almost invisible. This is a bonus as I had expected an incision actually on my neck.

There is not much to say other than to keep you updated with my progress. Thank goodness for the Internet to keep me connected to the world outside, for games of scrabble, words, books, TV shows, movies and for Jane and Adam who are keeping me sane!!!

5 thoughts on “Room with a View!

  1. Good to hear you are enjoying your weekend lovely!
    The effects of the anaesthetic often leave one feeling depressed, it also stays in the body for quite some time so be sure to keep boosting your immune system. Organic rosehip oil is fantastic for scarring Helen. If you run out of vitamin E go for the rosehip it has amazing healing properties and does not interfere with anything, make sure no fragrance has been added. Each day you will see an improvement beautiful 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your journey!

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