Beautiful Node Lady!

Today the Easter Bunny came and released me from my hospital room. What joy to feel the air on my face and to look around at more than four walls. I notice the peace and quiet and the sun, freedom!!!! My friend Jane and I sat outside with a real coffee, yum, before I had to get into the car and be driven home. It’s a bit of a trick to get into a car straight legged but I managed, even if I had to hang out the boot I was getting home!

I have been sent home with oral antibiotics and strict instructions to, ” Do nothing except essential walking.” I am allowed to bend my knee, but it is very stiff, so I am not to force it, just move as is comfortable. I am to still to rest and elevate leg at all times. In fact not much more than in hospital, but I have a bigger space to move in and I did get up and down stairs, even if very slow. I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight and not having to wake up for blood pressure, temperature, medications or a change of shift as handover is done!

When the doctor came yesterday he listened to the blood supply with the Doppler machine, again I held my breath till I heard the whoosh whoosh of the blood passing through the transplant and the doctor was happy. I am to see him next Friday unless I have any problems but at the moment it is rest, rest, rest. I am wearing a knee high compression stocking and will see how this goes, though the swelling from surgery is gradually going down and I can sort of see a knee appearing my ankle was swelling a bit, as have not had any compression stockings on for two weeks, so hopefully the knee high will help. Have to say that every day is a bit of trial and error as I progress into new territory.

I had a chuckle today as I looked at the stats for my blog, I love the search engine requests that lead to my posts, today’s said, ” Beautiful node Lady.” Just love it!


Happy Easter to you all xxx

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Node Lady!

  1. Blimey those stairs of yours are a bit of a hike with your present situ. Have you a bell 😉
    Looking forward to having a chat. Patience dear lady, although it is a slow journey at present suddenly you will turn the corner and all will be back to normal. Weird coming out in to the fresh (polluted) air after being stuck indoors for so long… I remember it well.

  2. What fantastic news Helen. Enjoy being in your own space and look after yourself. Keep the updates coming, I’ve told so many of my clients about you and they keep asking for news. You are touching many lives by sharing your experience – thank you. L

    • I just hope that the out come will be positive for every one.. It will be months before we know that… The knee high worked well yesterday and ankle looks better again.. Knee still swollen from surgery but i think looks a tiny bit better each day .. Yes will keep updating

  3. i am so happy to hear you’re home now! It must be such a release of stress (and I know that part about shift change and checks to be made) now that you are back home!

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