This is it!

Have tried to take a picture of the lymph node transplant site without it being to gruesome!! Some seemed to make it look worse than it actually is or maybe I am just used to it, for sure it looks better than a week ago! The black line was used to circle the cellulitis to ensure that the area got smaller, not bigger. The red circular area is where the drain was for a week after surgery. Stitches will have to be removed in next few days which should improve the look! Swelling is gradually going down as it was huge after surgery, I can now start to see a slight knee shape! Well I can dream!

My neck is looking good as no stitches on surface. Problem is as drain fell out fluid has to be removed every few days with a syringe, sounds awful but I can’t feel it. Lesson learnt is to make sure drain never falls out!

Doctor now to visit tomorrow so I hope for more news.


Site of Lymph node Transplant / transfer to left leg. Photo Helensamia

10 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. Wow Helen , It is not to gruesome but it has been a huge thing to go through, you say the swelling has gone down ..hope you have a picture of how it looked after the op I suppose every day the leg from down under is getting better It will be good when your good Dr says you can go home.xx

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    • No i didnt take any pictures after surgery as it looked far to scary!! I was laughing as i thought the line around the cellulitis looks like a map of Australia! From the leg down under xx

  2. I thought the “map” looked like Australia, too. I thought you were giving us a sight gag! Now that you have clarified, I have to say that your cellulitus is very patriotic. I see a definite knee shape, too. It must be getting much more comfortable now that the swelling is going down. Here’s to continued healing and a positive visit with your physician!

    • Yes it is funny as i had not noticed the map of Oz effect till i took the photos especially the side on!!! Yes each day a bit of knee shape shows will get out the tape measure later and see if we are progressing!! So glad you were doing so well at your daughters concert must give you great pleasure for such a positive outcome…

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