My Little Friend has Left Me!

My greatest companion during my stay in hospital has been my trusty iPad, keeping me connected to the world, providing games and books. Each night I would lay it down by my bed and plug it in to charge, ready for the joys or woes of the day ahead.My little iPad would keep me occupied and keep me distracted when the antibiotics hurt in the veins. Always faithfully by my side, keeping me up with all the news of the world outside, keeping me connected to family and friends close and far. I knew everything about my little iPad, sending emails, sports results and super coach, news updates, writing my blog, checking Facebook, weather checks and words with friends, books, magazines, newspapers, photos, camera, I could hold it all in one small space.

This morning imagine my dismay when my little iPad failed to respond, no flashing greeting waiting for the password, just a black screen. I tried resuscitation, pressing the buttons together for 15 seconds nothing happened, checked the charger had been working, tried again to start up and again and again, eventually I had to respect the fact my little companion had died!! My little mate had left me!! Fortunately I have a two year warranty that my husband found, as the iPad had been a gift for my birthday, so maybe soon I may have a new little companion.

I am writing this on the room computer, but it is no match for the little iPad, its clunky, awkward and difficult to use, even blogging it tells me to update of software!! However I am getting this done to stay connected to you all out there, no pretty pictures, just words instead. I apologise for any mistakes, as I am not used to this and getting tired.

Health wise not much has changed except that everyday I heal more. I now have a PICC line in, so no more problems with IV antibiotics, just have a drip pole to take everywhere! Yes you can imagine, one straight leg and an IV pole going off to the bathroom is quite a sight!! The doctor is to come again tomorrow so I should know more then. In the mean time it is still rest, no bent leg and no further to walk than the door of room. Today I feel better, after more sleep last night, but yesterday I felt very upset and annoyed that I would get cellulitus now. I think I had a post surgery Blues day!! I am also looking forward to going out in some fresh air and walking a little further….. Can’t wait!


Sydney Harbour Bridge (photo Helensamia)


Sydney Harbour and Opera House (photo Helensamia)

8 thoughts on “My Little Friend has Left Me!

  1. Oh no!! Sorry to hear about your iPad. I know I would have been lost without my iPhone. I blogged on the day of my surgery, right up to the point where they took me in! Can’t do that with a pc. At least you have something to stay connected. We in cyberland would have been worried. Take care!

    • I do still have iPhone i just find my fingers a bit fat for keys so have to go very slow. I did realize last night that i can post via the app so will have to do short ones!!

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