Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

slow and steady wins the race stamp

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.. Stamp USA.. Flickr

I have decided that “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” is my new motto at the moment, a race against the tortoise would have the Tortoise winning at this stage!

My doctor came yesterday and has decided to slow things down, due to the cellulitis, which looks much, much better but have to stay on the IV antibiotics for a while. Again he listened to the blood flow through the newly placed nodes,  I hold my breathe, till I hear the pulsing sound, as the thought of returning to surgery would be a nightmare! The site in my neck is going ok but as the drain fell out prematurely it has to be watched for a build up of fluid. I think I may have got it caught in my sleep, two drains in different areas was a bit tricky. However as of today the last drain was removed and I am now tube free! Yeh!!

Then we get to the race with the Tortoise or mobility, in fact I cannot race!! I am still only allowed to walk straight legged to the bathroom and around my room,only bend 30 degrees. Try that out and you will find that is a very tiny bend, try getting out of bed or sitting on the loo or raising the leg on a stool, I have it down to a fine art!! Originally a physio was to come and visit today and teach me the fine art of stair walking with a straight leg, but that has been delayed, but be assured it will be slow! I believe after the first two weeks I will be allowed to bend  more.

My doctor prefers to be cautious so I am to be here till at least the weekend. He will come to visit me again on Thursday and review the situation,unless there are any dramas, which I do not intend having! In the mean time I am hooked up every six hours to the drip that gives me the antibiotics, which has to run very slowly, as they are the type that irritate the veins. I feel a bit like a pin cushion and dread the site of the blood person or the nurse coming with the Heparin injection to stop blood clots, nasty stingy things that leave a little bruise, my good leg is decorated with little bruises!!


Heparin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to say that today I am very tired and lay down this afternoon for a little nap. I have had lots of phone calls, emails and messages from people and I can feel their strength supporting me. Thank you so much to you all. I have learnt that this will take time and I need to give myself that time hence, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

HARK!! I hear the dinner trolley it must be 5pm!!

7 thoughts on “Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

  1. I can see you climbing stairs straight legged with laughter and tears streaming down your face…lol …Hmmm ..I just had a vision of Bondi Junction then 😉 I have a couple of recommendations for strengthening your veins once treatment is finished. Your sense of humour is inspiring! Sending you much love with smiles for they are magickal xxx

  2. Hi Helen,
    Trust that pesky cellulitis to rear it’s ugly head (and hopefully for the last time). I guess you’ll be taking it easier longer than planned but I hope you’re surrounded by wonderful people and getting the very best of care. If you’re up for a phone chat, just let me know when’s the best time during the day now that you’re a lady of hospital leisure for the week. xoxo

    • Lovely to hear from you Katrina fromi ALC here said she had seen you at work shop I hope it was interstinging!? Yes bloody cellulitis i think the dr got a surprise as all looked good and then suddenly red.. He caught it early but he has me on very aggressive antibiotics…. So here for awhile.. I have a land line and will text you number in morning… Would love a chat xx

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