Beautiful Blogger Award

The ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’ is given to one blog from another. I was so thrilled when My Eyes Up Here gave me this award as I had only joined the blogging community at the beginning of March. Thank you so much it is a great honour Elizabeth and I hope that you don’t mind if I copy what you wrote as it gives your reasons and mine for starting the blog. Thank you so much.
( Finally, in the spirit of the “Beautiful Blogger Award”, which is given from one blogger to another, I would like to highlight a blog. There are many wonderful breast cancer blogs but I have up until now, yet to encounter a blog devoted to lymphedema.

Introducing Helen, who “lives in the land down under”. Helen just started the blog, My Lymph Node Transplant. She is a many year uterine cancer survivor. Part of her treatment included removing 22 lymph nodes, which resulted in continuing struggles with lymphedema. I was lucky (knock on wood) to only lose one lymph node as part of a sentinel node biopsy. I knew it could be bothersome and leave one more vulnerable to infection, but I had no idea how serious the condition could get until reading Helen’s blog. She not only describes her own life experience as she awaits her lymph node transplant (a new surgery) in a few days, but has also set up her blog as a treasure trove of clearly written educational information. Check out her blog! – ref. My Eyes up Here )

This award is given to Lymph Nodes

This award is given to Lymph Nodes

In return I am passing the “Beautiful Blogger Award” to   Lymph Nodes as they have a great blog that tells you everything about Lymph Nodes and how important they are to the body, it is a great additional read to my blog. I too have been able to learn more about the role the lymphatic system plays in the body.

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