No Hospital Gown for this Lady!

Flowers and Candles bring peace to any space…. even a hospital room

Flowers and candles bring peace to any space, even a hospital room.

It is very important to me to make my stay in hospital as positive as possible, to gave my body the best chance to heal. Today I am gathering a few bits together that will make my stay more comfortable. Having had the experience of being in hospital a few times I like to be able to take some aromatherapy oils with me, to camouflage the hospital smell, either a burner or small candle. No matter where I stay I have to have flowers, whether hotel room or hospital room, I am sure my husband will look after this!

Hospital gowns are not a good look, with your bottom hanging out the back, so some pretty nighties, but bearing in mind drips and tubes I usually take sleeveless. A nice dressing gown and shawl to feel cosy in and maybe some warm bed socks, as hospital air conditioning can sometimes be a bit chilly! Then there are the toiletries, a beautiful shower gel and perfume, if you can’t get to the shower a puff of perfume can give you a lift! A bit of make-up always helps, look good feel better is my motto!

Today I am getting my bag ready, yes I know it is not till Thursday but I like to be organised. I have a book and my trusty ipad so I can continue to blog while I am there! I have never been known to travel light and hospital is no different!

A green juice today Spinach, mint, parsley, cucumber, celery and ginger.

Drinking Juices is a fast way for your body to absorb essential nutrients need for health. I try to use organic and always wash very well.

Drinking Juices is a fast way for your body to absorb essential nutrients needed for good health. I try to use organic and always wash them very well.

8 thoughts on “No Hospital Gown for this Lady!

  1. I am getting excited for you. I am happy you are taking your ipad with you to continue blogging. Your posts are so important to all of us in the lymphedema community. I am really interested in your experiences as you know I am scheduled for my lymph node transplant surgery on 4/12. Best wishes, my prayers and support are with you.

  2. Hope your recovery is swift and complete! Also, that amongst your aromatherapy oils you have a high quality Frankincense Oil with you to help in the process of healing! xx

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