The Noise Tunnel… Bang! Bang! Bang!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Résonance magnétique

Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Résonance magnétique (Photo credit:

Loud environment headphones

Loud environment headphones (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I think these headphones would have done a better job!!!!

Just a quick post, with only a week to go, as I start the final count down in preparation for myself and the surgeon.

Today I had an MRI, needed for the surgery to map the structures for placement of the nodes behind my knee. I  had no idea what it would be like but should have guessed when they gave me a set of headphones!  The noise, it was indescribable, like laying on the floor with a bucket on your head and someone bangs it! I kept trying to imagine what the noises sounded like to distract myself, car horns, a gong, guns, hammers, sirens and a continuous hand on a car horn? I began to feel myself starting to giggle as I thought this is crazy, I’m in a tunnel with the worst noise possible and a useless set of headphones to help. Then came a voice, “Just one more to go then the other leg”. The giggle changed to a tear but thankfully a lady came and said, “We will just put these ear plugs in”. Oh I thought, a bit late, I have already been in the noise tunnel for 45 minutes, had my ears assaulted, but you gave me fodder for my blog!!

My preparation is to be as healthy as possible, so the juice machine has come out of the cupboard. Every now and then the juicer emerges from the depths of the cupboard as I go on a health kick. Today …

Carrot, ginger, celery and beetroot or carrot ginger and apple!
Fruit and vegetables are great for good health.

7 thoughts on “The Noise Tunnel… Bang! Bang! Bang!

  1. Would have been nice to have bee given some great music with noise canceling headphones!! You are very brave, just under a week to go…..,

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