Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!

imageHaving a sense of humor has at times been essential over the last eleven years. Without it I would have sunk into a big black hole never to get out, although I did at one stage have anti depressants for six months. An Incident like the one I will relate to you could be viewed with doom and gloom or seen as a funny little episode.

Self massage is one of the ways to help move the lymph around the body away from the affected limb. Lymphatic massage is a special technique where you stimulate the lymph nodes in the neck and under the arms, then with gentle upward sweeps you move the lymph towards these nodes. The same processes is then used for the leg to bring the lymph up towards the underarm lymph nodes. There are plenty of videos on You Tube to demonstrate this. When I was first diagnosed I was very eager to do this daily. I was under the impression I knew what I was doing!

Early one Saturday I woke with a very sore left breast and had to go to the hospital. After the usual long wait I was sent in to see a doctor. Having had my surgery and radiation at the same hospital I assumed that they would have some history on me. Imagine my amusement when the doctor asked “So when did you finish breast-feeding”. My quick reply was “Sixteen years ago!” To say the least she looked very embarrassed, when I gave her a quick run down of my cancer treatment and subsequent lymphoedema! It turned out I had given myself mastitis by sweeping my hand across the breast instead of under the arm, a mistake I never made again. I left the hospital with antibiotics and a smile on my face because the doctor thought I was young enough to breast feed!!!! Amazing how small things can cheer you up!!!


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