“It’s better than being dead!”

Eleven years ago, just before my 50th birthday, I was diagnosed with Cancer of the uterus. To say I was shocked is an understatement as I had not been particularly ill, just a few aches and pains! This is not a cancer blog so I will skip over those details and concentrate on what is relevant to my Lymphoedema. I had not heard of lymphoedema at this stage but I do remember asking the doctor about having the lymph nodes removed, as part of my surgery. I felt they could be something I still needed! His reply was very much to the point…. “Its better than being dead”. During Surgery, for a radical hysterectomy, 22 lymph nodes were removed from my groin area. This was followed up with radiation to the pelvis which would have caused more damage to the remaining lymphatic system.

On leaving hospital I was given a bookmark which told me how to avoid getting Lymphoedema as my lymphatic system was now compromised. At that time in the big picture of life it felt as if the cancer fight was far more important. Little did I know that Lymphoedema was to become my life after cancer.

15 thoughts on ““It’s better than being dead!”

  1. Great to see that this important and oft neglected issue is being addressed. I am sure that this will be of great help to many sufferers.

  2. It makes so proud to see you writing this blog. My strong determined mother… taking on the world…one lymph node at a time. With you every step of the way. Every hr, every letter.

  3. I read about your lymphodema the other day on Facebook , thank you, thank you.
    . Went to the doctor out here, showed him my legs, now he is finally doing more tests, as I have a lot of white bubbles on my leg. And we now waiting for more results. He said I am a classic case. But what can I do out here?
    I am doing vinegar socks and cabbage bandages. It helps. I am thinking healthy thoughts…
    Please keep me posted. And I am sending you healthy thoughts…..

    • Oh Elsbeth I am so glad that my story has helped you.. Self massage would help… You can find how to do this via The internet .. You tube has videos of how to do this. If you get a chance to come to Sydney it would be good for you to visit a specialist… Is there a pool you could go to in Ullaru as just walking in the water would help too.. Especially as it is so hot where you are. Stay in touch let me know your progress… Xx

  4. I love the title! I hear this often when I complain about lymphedema – it’s better than being dead. I wonder how many would say that if they had it…. I am very interested in the lymph node transfer surgery and am looking for a surgeon in Houston. I believe there is also a procedure to hook the lymphatic system directly up to the bloodstream! Interesting stuff and I wish you success and a future free of daily lymphedema management.

    • I will be interested to hear how you go.. I have read about various procedures and hopefully these are improving all the time. My doctor believes that the earlier the surgery is performed the better the success prior to the leg becoming fibros.

  5. what courage you have. Never giving up and always looking for ways to help others. I know this b blog is going to assist so many and in the process I hope it helps you .. looking forward to the next instalment ..your budding J.K. Rowling..

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